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Why You Should Save Files as PDF and How to Save Emails as PDF

Save Emails as PDF

PDF, which is short for Portable Document Format is a file-saving format that was created by Adobe Systems. This file format maintains a document’s formatting and layout, no matter what device the file is opened on, and it is also readable across so many devices.

So many people have opted to use PDFs to save their files, whether on their phones, tablets, or computers, and there are many reasons for that decision. Some of the advantages of saving files with PDF include the fact that PDF files are largely compatible with any device, can be opened in any browser, and don’t have a size limit.

If you don’t know how to save emails as pdf, you’ll find out here. But first, let’s talk about why you should even want your files saved as PDFs in the first place.


Why Should You Save Email as PDF?

The reasons for saving the email as a PDF document might vary. It might be because you want to send your emails as attachments while retaining the original formatting. It could also be because you have some legal issues that require providing proof which exists in your email. Whatever the case, you should know how to save email as PDF.

When saving the email as PDF, you can save all content in the same document and retain all the formatting. However, if your email also comes with images and other attachments, they will also be saved into the document.


Advantages of saving files in PDF Format

There are several advantages connected with saving emails in PDF format. They include:



  1. Compatibility

The compatibility of PDFs span across all devices including phones, laptops, and tablets. You can open and view PDF files across all devices, and you can view the files without issues.

  1. Convenience

Saving files in PDF format is convenient and easy to use because the layout remains the same no matter the device you access it on. Thanks to the compatibility, using PDFs is also convenient.

  1. Flexibility

One advantage of the PDF format over other formats is its flexibility and ability to be customized. You can save your pdf with passwords and share them only with people you want to access the file. What’s interesting is that you can do this without an internet connection.

  1. Multiple Content

PDF documents work well to incorporate different kinds of content, including text, audio files, images, vector graphics, 3D, as well as videos. You can combine different file elements inside a single PDF file and they will also be viewed seamlessly in that file.

  1. Limitless File Size

With PDF documents, there’s no limit to the size of files you can save and convert. You can send large file sizes in PDF without any issues, which isn’t possible with other formats.

  1. Security

When you save files in PDF format, you enjoy some form of file security because people cannot edit your PDF document unless they have some certain software. So, you can rest assured that nobody will tamper with important information on your file.

  1. Great Graphic Display

When you convert a file to PDF, the quality of the graphic remains the same just like the layout. It doesn’t matter what software or device you open the file with, you can be sure that the graphic quality will remain the same.

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