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Why You Should Request a Legal Consultation After an Accident

Time is of the essence anytime you’re hurt in a car accident. 

In most states, you have 2 years from the injury to pursue a personal injury case before it becomes null and void due to the statute of limitations. The most important thing you can do after getting medical care is to book a consultation with a law firm. 

What makes this such a crucial piece of the puzzle?

These tips will help you when you’re looking into getting a legal consultation for any personal injury situation.  

A Legal Consultation Lets You Know Your Rights

Before anything else, sitting down with an experienced personal injury attorney will let you know what kind of legal rights you have to your case. This saves you a lot of trouble since you won’t make the mistake of pursuing a legal case that doesn’t have any legs. 

Your lawyer understands the prerequisites in these injury cases and will let you know if you have grounds for a lawsuit based on the other party being negligent.

In a personal injury case, you will need to show that they did not exercise their proper duty of care. This means that they didn’t take the health of other people into account when the accident occurred. 

Your lawyer will also need to prove that the other person’s actions also contributed to your injuries. The attorney will give you an understanding of how likely you are to win your case and whether there are any snags or hangups that might make it more difficult. 

They’ll Let You Know the Value of Your Case

Booking professional law services will help you know how much your case is worth. This is also important because the law firm might not even accept your case if the dollar amount isn’t substantial enough. 

Your lawyer understands the damages that come with the territory of these cases and will tell you what kind of settlement you can expect at the end of it. Make sure that you choose a lawyer that is accurate with this sort of assessment, and that they don’t overinflate or undersell the value of your case. 

You Will Assess the Damages

Next, it’s also important that you seek legal consultation to know exactly what kinds of damages you have encountered. There are several different types of damages that come with personal injury cases. 

Here are a few that you might contend with in car accidents and other types of personal injury cases:

Physical Medical Injuries

One of the main reasons to hire an attorney is so that you can recover money for your physical medical injuries. This includes a variety of potential injuries, such as:

  • Broken bones and sprains
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Burns and other heat injuries
  • Concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injuries 
  • Back and neck pain
  • Internal bleeding injuries

These injuries will require plenty of medical evaluations, in addition to potential surgeries and long-term recovery. Physical therapy professionals can help you recover and get back to your old condition following surgery, or in lieu of surgery. 

Mental and Emotional Trauma

You’ll also need to talk to a lawyer because there are mental and emotional injuries at play in many situations. This is a situation that many people deal with since these accidents can be traumatic. 

It’s possible that you will need to speak to a mental health professional, mainly if you are dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other such issues. These injuries are considered non-economic and are a bit more difficult to prove. That makes it even more important to hire the help of a lawyer who is skilled at proving these cases. 

Lost Wages and Financial Damages

Consider the overall financial impact of the auto accident. If you are laid up and recovering, you are also more likely to miss out on some ever-important wages. It can be difficult to earn a living while you are in recovery, and you will likely miss a lot of time off from work. 

Your attorney will push for lost wages and other financial damages to account for this. They will let you know exactly what you are entitled to and will come up with a game plan for recovering these damages.

Vehicle and Property Damage

Your personal injury case might also involve different types of property damage. The most common type of property damage that you will face in these sorts of cases is the repair or replacement of your vehicle after a car accident wreck. 

A lawyer will take account of these sorts of damages and make sure that you can recover however much money you need to make it right. 

It’s Free of Charge

Perhaps the most important reason to get a legal consultation is that it’s free. You won’t have to worry about paying anything to get the advice of an attorney and will be in a good position to know exactly where you stand with your case. 

Your lawyer will go over strategy with you, and you are still under no obligation to make a hire. Even better, most personal injury lawyers work on contingency fees, which means that they don’t get paid until you do. 

Book a Legal Consultation With a Pro

These tips are helpful whenever you are considering a professional legal consultation. Now that you see the importance of these consultations, the only thing left to do is to reach out to a law firm that can assist you further. 

Check out our other posts when you need legal advice that will make a difference for your potential case. 

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