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Why You Should Key-in to Binamon’s NFT Now

Binamon's NFT

Binamon is currently one of the fastest-growing blockchain gaming platforms. It is an ecosystem based on the technology that runs the Binance Smart Chain. They made moneymaking a little bit more appealing than it had ever been by giving users a platform to earn as they battle one another.

People would often expect that where one earns ought to give off a “down to business” feeling. Still, Binamon went beyond the monotonous industry-standard and optimized the user experience. This tweak was to ensure adoption will not wear out users. For this reason, the platform boasts of several gaming modes; Multiplayer, Battle Rounds, and the simple mode of Collecting Binamons.

Several prospects hesitate in coming onboard a token because of the downtrend that usually befalls it just at the start of the project. Binamon’s growth in price so far has made doubters second-guess their non-adoption. In the last ten days, Binamon NFT has grown a whopping 40x, and the week before, it grew 20x. 

Binamon’s growth rate tells two things:

  1. Its potential is enormous
  2. People are beginning to trust it more, hence, the reason for the increasing rate of adoption.

If you’re still wondering about the unconventional play-to-earn feature, here’s what Mark Cuban has to say about conventionality: “Nobody ever changed the world by doing what everyone else was doing.”

One of the early mistakes that can drive a token into early extinction is the inability to regulate its supply. As a result, Binamon carefully crafted its one-of-a-kind tokenomics and deflationary model to control the amount of token in circulation based on its demand. At the moment, 1 million BMONs are burnt daily because of its increasing demand. This demand increase is due to the adoption of its gaming platform and non-fungible tokens.

If the demand rate remains the same, i.e., the daily burning of a million BMONs, 60 million BMONs would have been burnt in two months. This number of BMONs burnt will just exceed those left (52 million). Going by market projections, BMONs may be valued at $1 by then, which means that the market cap will be worth at least $52 million.

There’s a high probability you may miss out on getting aboard the Binamon ship considering the current burning rate and the number of tokens in supply. If you’re not the gaming type, you can exchange your fiat currency for a Binamon NFT and stake it to earn stress-free. While many may praise Binamon as the new AXIE, the “the new Bitcoin” title suits them better.

About Binamon

Binamon LTD is a gaming platform based in Argentina where users earn NFTs in the form of digital monsters. The game is based on blockchain technology and is built on the Binance Smart Chain. Software architect, Nicholas Viega, heads the company. On inception, Binamon became the first ecosystem to integrate the choicest features of both the gaming and digital collectibles world while also producing a stable virtual economy. Binamon aims to use this strategy to onboard millions of people on to the NFT and blockchain-gaming world. 






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