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Why you only need real followers on Instagram


Having real followers on any of your social media platforms is the backbone of your social media marketing. In the digital world of today, online marketing has significantly changed from what it was a decade or so ago. The access to faster, cheaper and wireless internet connectivity means that users and consumers are always a few clicks away from the information they need. Gone are the days when consumers were only limited to the information they were only exposed to. In the past, to gain information other than they were provided, consumer groups were formed. These groups would band together and share their collective experiences and knowledge on the products or services they were interested in. Interacting with these groups was the most effective and easiest way for firms, companies and others to get accurate feedback and use them as a marketing tool (word of mouth, improvements in the products etc.)

The internet, however, has changed all that. Consumers, with internet accessible at the tips of their fingers, are able to interact more easily and at an individual level with their favorite brands. This has come as a blessing and a curse. With real followers on their social media accounts, brands can simply post, tweet or upload their latest offerings and their target costumers instantly become aware of it. They can then purchase the products, test them out or talk with the brands to gain more information.

Real Followers on Instagram

One of the easiest ways for any firm or brand to directly talk with its fans and consumers is Instagram. The photo and video sharing social network owned by Facebook has fast become one of the most popular mobile apps to engage with followers. Having a fan following on Instagram goes just beyond having likes, you need engaging real followers on Instagram:

  • Brand Awareness: Whenever a person likes or interacts with an Instagram page or a post, the user is given “suggestions” by Instagram on similar pages and posts that he or she can follow. This can be very useful as a brand or an individual who wants to create more fan following. By using points of parity that are strikingly similar to competitors, it can mean your account pops up on target market users a suggestion to visit and follow.
  • Global Audience: Why limit yourself to a small geographic area? With a borderless concept being imagined and becoming a norm today, Instagram offers a very good way to reach out to people all over the world. A simple, well crafted post on your Instagram can bring in followers from the United States and India at the same time.
  • Proof of Business: Whether just and influencer or a company maintained brand, people who hear about you for the first time will be skeptical on the legitimacy. The increased following base is a good indicator. The larger the following, the more real you are for a newbie.

Organic Following With Kicksta

There are no shortcuts to life. This age old saying stands true even in the digital age of today. Many  Instagram users have tried to boost their ratings and standings by leveraging automation technology to achieve a higher fan following and being able to interact with them. This, however, has come with multiple side affects.

Since the automation tools used are not organic in nature, the so called “bots” are easily identifiable by users and this can quickly lead to the word spreading out that the page or account they have visited or are following is a fake.  Owned by Facebook now, Instagram is subject to the same complex algorithms Facebook is. This means that the social media app can identify accounts that are seemingly leveraging bot technology and suspicious activities are deleted by Instagram. In worse cases, the account itself can end up being banned altogether. Having a sudden influx of likes and following can also mean your account being spammed, with the real users getting lost in the confusion.

Kicksta is an Instagram dedicated service that helps brands grow their Instagram followers, with none of the spam or suspicious activities. This is achieved by the service using genuine, organic methods of letting people from the target market know that you are there and offer what they need. The service works in three simple steps:

  • Tell Them What You Do: Simply let Kicksta know of your niche, competitors and other brands that offer similar to what you do.
  • Engage with Followers: By “liking” posts of followers of your competition, Kicksta lets them know that you are also there. This is akin to just tapping people behind their shoulders, just making sure they look back at you.
  • Get Followed: The more accurate you are about telling Kicksta about your competition, the more chances exist that it will end up liking a post and grabbing the attention of the right follower who would check your page out and actually follow you back.

Kicksta has had a lot of success stories with its organic real following. It has been mentioned as the best tool to improve presence on the social media platform.

Visit the Kicksta website today and find out how to organically increase your Instagram followers.

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