Why You Need to Consider Jacto Knapsack Sprayer in Kenya

If you are in the market for a knapsack sprayer, then you must have come across the Jacto knapsack sprayer. It is one of the best knapsack sprayers in the market with great features and a very considerate Jacto knapsack sprayer price in Kenya. Jacto is a Brazilian manufacturer of spraying equipment with a great range that spans 1.5L garden sprayer to a self-propelled sprayer. The company has a 70-year history of quality, reliability and innovation. 

The founder of the company Jacto started by inventing the first national agrochemical duster which would be carried on the back, unlike the ones available at the time that would be carried on the front. His company was born, and ever since the company has specialized in making agricultural sprayers. Due to this specialization, the company is highly innovative and have over the years perfected most of their designs. 

So what makes Jacto knapsack sprayer special? Here are some of the features of the Jacto knapsack sprayers that standout t from the rest; 

Benefits of Jacto Knapsack Sprayer

Lightweight – Jacto knapsack sprayers are made using tough yet lightweight materials so they are easy to carry around even when filled with fluid. Carrying a knapsack sprayer on the back especially in forbidding environments can quickly lead to fatigue. That is why Jacto has made all their knapsacks to be as light as possible while still being tough and durable. 

Fewer pumps – Jacto knapsack sprayers are made with innovative technology that allows you to pump quite easily. That is not all, you only need to pump a few times to attain maximum pressure to push the liquid out of the knapsack sprayer. Besides been able to quickly spray the liquid and get it as far, this also reduces fatigue and saves time. 

Long life – Jacto knapsack sprayers have been tested and shown to offer over 4000 hours of continuous operation. This is more than any other brand in the market can claim. Their knapsacks come with a special inline cylinder attachment design that reduces wear on the santoprene piston cup. 

Innovative shape and ergonomics – Jacto knapsack sprayers come with a very unique shape that allows the tank to empty almost entirely. If you have used other knapsack sprayers in the market, then you know how much liquid is wasted or left inside. Further, their sprayers are ergonomically designed to ensure comfort even with prolonged use. 

Jacto knapsack sprayers are come in different models and sizes to suit your needs. There are also sprayers specially designed to meet the needs of pest control professionals. 

You could be wondering what is the Jacto sprayer price in Kenya, for knapsack sprayers that have all of these wonderful features. Well, you can enjoy all of these features while still paying less for Jacto sprayers when you purchase your sprayer with us. We are a leading supplier of Jacto knapsack sprayers in Kenya and we are able to offer our clients the best prices in the country. Contact us today to place your order. 

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