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Why You Need Horse Rugs and Accessories for Your Horse

Why You Need Horse Rugs and Accessories for Your Horse

A horse can benefit from wearing horse rugs and accessories no matter what season or weather conditions you live in. Caribu rugs and accessories not only make your horse feel warm and comfy, but they also add that extra layer of protection which allows them to thrive in their natural environment with less risk of colds, wind burn, rain damage, and more!

Here’s why you need Caribu horse rugs and accessories for your horses and how they can help boost their immune systems, reduce stress levels, and improve the overall health of your favorite animal companion!

The main types of horse rugs

There are four types of horse rugs: blanket, sheet, combo, and cooler. Blankets are typically the heaviest option but will protect your horse from the coldest winter weather. Sheet rugs are thinner and more commonly used in warmer climates like Texas.

Combo rugs combine a sheet with a blanket to offer more protection from all types of weather. Coolers are lightweight and usually only come as sheets because they’re not designed to withstand below-freezing temperatures. The type of saddle you ride on can also dictate what type of rug or accessory is best for your horse.

A dressage saddle’s flaps can interfere with blankets so riders often use sheets or combos instead. Western saddles may have exposed backs that would be covered by a longer blanket which is why many people prefer using sheets and combos. Riders who wear hunt coats may also prefer combo or cooler rugs so that their coat doesn’t get wet while riding in rain or snow.

Protect your horse’s tail

There are several reasons why you would want to protect your horse’s tail. One reason is that if the horse is playing in a dusty area, the dust can get in his hair on the tail, which could result in an infection. A second reason is that if you have a young horse or foal, they may be able to wrap their tails around things like fences or other horses’ tails, which can cause injury.

Another reason is that older horses with arthritis may lose feeling in their tails due to decreased blood flow over time, and this decreased feeling can lead them to injure their tail without knowing it’s happening. Protecting the tail can help prevent this from happening by letting the owner know when there has been an injury.

Keep your horse warm in winter

Horses are cold-blooded animals so they can’t regulate their body temperature. That’s why it is important to keep them warm during the winter. A layer of fat will also help with insulation, but that doesn’t mean your horse won’t get cold. So, it is important to take extra care in keeping your horse warm during the colder months by making sure they have enough blankets on top of its blankets.

You should also make sure the blanket fits snugly around their neck to keep warmth from escaping there. You may want to try adding another layer at night if they are not shedding out any excess heat or sweating excessively as that could be a sign that they’re too warm in their stall.

Protect your horse from being scratched

Horse blankets or sheets are used to protect a horse’s skin from rubbing against the blanket, which can lead to sores. Horse rugs also help regulate body temperature by adding or removing layers of fabric to allow the horse to cool down or warm up. Blankets also offer protection from biting flies, mosquitoes, and other insects that might irritate them.

Keep your horse protected from the wind and wet weather

Horse coats are designed to provide warmth on chilly days, protection from the wind, and help keep the rain off of your horse. The primary purpose of a coat is to keep the horse’s muscles warm, which will allow them to perform better.

Coats are made with a variety of materials including fleece, cotton, wool, or nylon. You may also see coats that are specially fitted or insulated with extra fill material such as down to offer extra warmth. Horse blankets go on top of a coat and provide an additional layer of protection against cold weather while still allowing air circulation under the blanket.

Horse Accessories you should have with your rug

There are a few key pieces of equipment that should be included with any rug purchase. The first is a saddle cover, which can protect the saddle from moisture, debris, and hair that might get on it while the horse is wearing his rug. With this cover in place, the rider doesn’t have to worry about getting dirt or hair inside their expensive leather saddle while they’re not using it.

The second piece of equipment to consider when buying a new rug is a tail strap. This will help keep the tail flap in place so that it doesn’t slip back down over the end of the tail, which can lead to irritated skin from constant rubbing against fabric.

How much does a rug cost?

Rugs can be a very important part of the care of your horse. They help to keep your horses warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They also help prevent horses from becoming too damp or dry, which could lead to skin irritation or health problems like thrush.


The cost of a rug will depend on what type of rug it is and what size it is. A full-body rug, which covers the entire body, may be more expensive than just a neck rug because there are additional pieces that need to be cut out for it.

Things to Consider Before Buying

If you are going to invest in a rug, it is important to consider the climate of the area where you will be using the rug. There are different types of materials used to make horse rugs, which can be determined by their breathability. Be sure to think about how often the rug will be used and what type of conditions it will most likely encounter.


A quality rug will keep your horse warm, dry, and comfortable. Plus, they are easy to clean in the event of an accident. A good set of halters will help keep your horse safe while it is being led or ridden. With Caribu horse rugs and accessories there is no better way to give your horse what they deserve.

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