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Why You Need Continuous Security Monitoring: Understanding Cybersecurity Threats

Digitization and modernity are the two words to describe the advanced world we are living in. This advancement can be observed in every department. Digitization has transformed the record-keeping system of organizations. Easy access to hassle-free file transfers, everything is possible because of this digitization. However, along with all these benefits, some tasks are also associated with it.

The power of modern technology is leveraged by criminals as well. Cybersecurity crimes are the main outcome of these advancements. Cybersecurity threats can lead to data theft and other similar problems that are not good for your organization. Therefore, you need to get continuous security monitoring software to deal with all these threats.

Today, we will tell you about the main security threats that make continuous security monitoring software mandatory for your firm or organization. Let’s know more about these threats without any ado.

Major Cybersecurity Threats

The following section is about the major cybersecurity threats that your organization may have to deal with and how continuous security monitoring tools mitigate them.

Malware Attacks

These attacks include viruses, worms, and other similar security threats to your organization’s infrastructure. It leads to data interruption and malfunctioning of numerous systems. Several operations may have failed due to these viruses. If left unnoticed, these viruses can impact the overall functionality of your digital system. Above all, these malware attacks lead to vulnerabilities as well that invite cybersecurity criminals.

Continuous security monitoring tools scan your system constantly. If any virus or other similar malware is detected, it tries to eliminate them. If it fails to do so, it reports the security teams about it so that they can take action against it and keep the system secure. It also spares the attacked part of the system from the rest of the organization’s infrastructure so the loss can be minimized.

Phishing Attack

This attack is very common and you may be aware of it as well. This attack is based on sending emails, messages, etc., with links that can introduce malware into your system or provide hackers access to your data. Some phishing attacks can immediately remove all your useful data as well.

The introduction of continuous security monitoring software can avoid this attack. These software programs sensor the messages and emails before you open them. It informs you about the emails that can lead to phishing attacks. In case you open these mails and provide criminals with access to your data, this system will tend to fix things immediately and try to minimize the damage to data.

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

These vulnerabilities are drawbacks in the software or hardware systems that weaken the security of your organization. These are called zero-day as vendors are unaware of them and have released no patches for them. Cybercriminals look for these weak points and try to attack the organization before these vulnerabilities are patched. It can lead to severe damage to the security system of your organization and data loss.

When you have a continuous security monitoring system implemented in your organization, this risk can be reduced. This system looks for these vulnerabilities and informs the vendors about it. It also keeps these points under special considerations until the patches are released for them.

Insider Threats

It is a very unique category of threat that you have to deal with. In this case, your workers can risk the security of data. There are two possible ways by which insider threats can be a concern. Firstly, you may have an imposter in your organization who will never miss a chance to get access to your system. Apart from that, sometimes the carelessness of some workers can also lead to these threats.

Continuous security monitoring tools help in mitigating insider risks. They will keep an eye on suspicious activities of employees to find the imposter. Apart from that, they also help in fixing things up if the threat is due to careless activities of your employees.

Final Thoughts

The aforementioned security threats can be mitigated by introducing continuous security monitoring tools in your organization. However, it will happen only when you select an appropriate tool. You can simply opt for Kosli as it is one of the most reliable security monitoring software. Its advanced features and affordable price make it an ideal choice for your organiza

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