Why You Need Cel-Fi GO G32 and SOLO for Your 5G Connectivity

We are on the threshold of a new era of wireless technology. Speech prop 5G connectivity that offers unprecedented benefits — 100 times faster speeds, lower latency and higher capacity. But, as with any innovation, there are also doubts and problems. What will the price of 5G be? How accessible will it be? How reliable will it be in various city conditions — basements, offices, countryside? Let me share with you a story that may be of interest to many: a home office suffering from a slow 4G connection, a freelance graphic designer looking for a way to increase his productivity, a delivery driver who relies on GPS navigation and online orders to deliver goods or services. It is in these scenarios that the solution becomes obvious: a 5G signal booster in the UK, where the Cel-Fi GO G32 and SOLO are ready to usher in cutting-edge 5G.

Statistics Snapshot

In June 2023, the UK’s 5G picture looked promising: with 24.7 million 5G mobile subscribers, representing a staggering 36.6% of total subscribers, the country is clearly on track for a technological future (GOV.UK). Reinforcing this trend is the government’s ambitious goal of achieving full standalone 5G coverage in populated areas by 2030. Industry leaders: EE led the race with extensive 5G coverage across 107 core locations, followed by Vodafone, O2 and Three, each with 70, 88 and 106 core locations respectively. But besides the benefits, progress also comes with problems. Network congestion, signal interference, firmware glitches and device compatibility issues marred the smooth operation of 5G. Tutela’s research revealed the struggles of Three UK, which faced significant congestion during peak hours, resulting in speed reductions of a staggering 36%. Bugs in the firmware of Three UK’s 5G Hub router have further degraded the user experience, affecting connectivity and broadband speeds. EE and O2, despite using the most advanced technology, were not immune to 5G disruptions in 2022, disrupting users’ connected lives.

That’s where Cel-Fi GO G32 and SOLO come in, the 5th generation mobile signal amplifiers. These innovative devices from specialist companies such as UCtel promise to overturn the communications industry. From homes to offices, vehicles to remote locations, these products serve as towers that promise to strengthen and improve 5G signals in fields such as healthcare, education, business, and manufacturing. Their promise is simple yet profound: to enhance both individuals and industries with unprecedented 5G coverage, closing the gap between aspirations and reality in this digital age.

Features and Specifications

Features: Cel-FI GO G32 Cel-FI SOLO
Signal Amplification Up to 100 dB N/A (Acts as an extender)
Coverage Homes, offices, vehicles Up to 15,000 sq ft (1,393.55 m²)
Adaptability Auto-adjusts to network conditions N/A (Plug-and-play)
Compatibility Carrier-agnostic Compatible with Cel-FI antennas
User Support Multiple users and devices Multiple users and devices
Device & Installation Cost Range from £1,199.99 to £1,499.99 Range from £1,005.00 to £1,205.00


Imagine a 1000x increase in signal strength, turning your space into a hub of connectivity. This smart signal booster (up to 30 dB, which is the maximum gain allowed by the FCC for consumer signal boosters) dynamically adjusts to the changing network conditions, ensuring the best performance whether you are at home, in the office, or on the go. Cel-Fi SOLO (has a NEMA 4 rated enclosure and connectors, which means it can withstand harsh conditions such as dust, water, and dirt), the outstanding hero, is a plug-and-play device that extends your 5G network coverage up to an amazing area of 15,000 square feet (ca. 1,394 m²). Compatible with any Cel-Fi antenna, SOLO is an innovation of simplicity and efficiency, supporting multiple users and devices at the same time.

Common Challenges and Solutions with 5G Signal Boosters in the UK

While 5G signal boosters can boost weak 5G signals in your area and provide a faster, more reliable internet connection, they are not without their challenges. Here are the most common ones encountered by 5G signal booster users in the UK:

  1. Interference. 5G signal boosters themselves cause interference with other wireless devices or networks, such as Wi-Fi routers, cordless phones, or TV antennas. Such interference inevitably leads to a decrease in the overall performance of connected devices, dropped calls or even loss of signal. The cure: You should install a 5G signal booster away from other sources of interference and use a compatible frequency range — up to 1,500 feet (457.2 m) without obstructions, which is much shorter than the 4G LTE network’s signal, which can reach up to 10 miles (ca. 16 km).
  2. Installation: For 5G signal boosters to work effectively, you will need to find a location for an outdoor antenna, which must have a direct line of sight to the nearest 5G tower. You will also need to connect an indoor antenna to the amplifier and place it where you need an improved signal, such as in a study. Cables and connectors must be durable and weatherproof. If you are not sure that you can install the device yourself, please contact your device provider for assistance.
  3. Legal Issues: These require you to ensure that your device is licensed and meets Ofcom’s technical standards and conditions. Otherwise, you may face fines or lawsuits for causing interference or using unauthorised equipment.

With Cel-Fi GO G32 and SOLO, you can enjoy all the benefits of 5G connectivity without any hassle or compromise. They comply with Ofcom and other regulatory standards and do not interfere with other wireless devices or networks. Authorised companies such as UCtel will help you with all setup (frequency crossing), installation and legal issues.


The technological evolution of 5G communications promises a future characterised by unprecedented speed, minimal latency and enormous capacity. However, the road to this future is not without obstacles — high cost, uneven coverage and problems with third-party interference. Meet the Cel-Fi GO G32 and SOLO — the bars that bridge the gap between promise and reality.


As 5G technology pervades more areas of our lives — from professional to personal — Cel-Fi GO G32 and SOLO are catalysts, ensuring that the promise of a new era becomes not just echoes, but resonant reality. Trust the expertise of UK 5G signal booster suppliers to make tomorrow’s connectivity a tangible experience today.


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