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Why You Need Both Deck Builders and Exterior Painters for a Unified Oasis

When deciding on a home renovation, it’s more than just a construction job. A home renovation is a change in your life as well. It will refresh your lifestyle. Your house is your haven and people love to take care of it, but very often people focus more on building a new deck than on their existing exterior as a whole. A new deck is an important decision, but how about a fresh coat of pain for your house that clashes with the wood tones of your aging deck?

Deck Builders and Exterior Painters

This happens more often than we think, and it leads to a disjointed look and feel, leaving your outdoor space feeling like an afterthought. We understand that sometimes it’s a but the budget, but just for your reference, in this blog post we will talk about the huge benefit of bringing together professional deck builders and experienced exterior painters to transform your home renovation into an amazing renovation process and final result.

Here’s Why Hiring Deck Builders and Painters is a Game-Changer:

  1. Unified Aesthetics – The colors you choose for your house are one of the most important aspects when it comes to home renovations. When hiring deck builders and painters at the same time they will collaborate to make sure your new deck complements the paint color you chose for your house. They will also help you choose stain colors, maybe give you some tips or suggest trim details to match the indoors and outdoors. 
  2. Increased Curb Appeal – When your deck builder and house painters work together, they can come up with some ideas that you’ve never thought about. For example, they could find a perfect match of your deck that integrates with your kitchen window for easy grilling access, or a pergola that matches the lines of your roof. When your deck and house paint work together, it creates a harmony and adds significant value. When planning your home renovation, think of it as an investment for you to enjoy it and for your future resale if you’ll ever want to resell it.
  3. Stress-Free Experience – It’s a lot easier to work with one project team instead of dealing with multiple contractors. It saves you time and reduces stress. You’ll have one schedule to follow, and you’ll know that your entire home renovation project is in the hands of experts.
  4. Sustainable Solutions – Another good benefit of a collaboration between deck builders and exterior painters is that they can give you multiple eco-friendly options, materials and finishes to minimize your environmental impact and to build you a space where you can feel good about and which you can enjoy for years to come.


Some things in this article might not be new for you, we just wanted to expand a bit on this topic. Our main goal was to whisper the idea that when you hire a deck builders or painters this is not just about doing the hard work. When you hire experts, they bring expertise with them. When you hire these experts separately, they will come up with good plans and ideas, but it might not work the same as when you hire them to work together on the same project. Just keep in mind, with the right team, your backyard can be transformed into a harmonious extension of your home.

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