Why We Think Everyone Needs Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office 365 package is truly a must-have in today’s world – we do not know how people manage without it! Making use of a cloud-based productivity service makes so much sense in today’s ever-changing world and especially since so many of us are now working from home. If you are a London-based business which has chosen to make use of the Microsoft Office 365 suite, you will most likely need the expertise of a trusted IT Support Company in London who will maintain and manage your entire IT System including each of your staff’s Microsoft licensing so that you are always connected and collaborating at all times. Most companies are actually unaware of just how much is included in the full Microsoft Office 365 package and just how much it can benefit their productivity and outputs as a business. After signing up for a Microsoft Office 365 license, there has never been a single company who has looked back – they become loyal fans of the applications! 

It really does not matter what size your company is – there is a package for every pocket and size. Microsoft’s online productivity suite comes in two different editions – either you will make use of a small business or an enterprise package depending on the size and scope of your business, but your support provider, like the London IT Support Provider, TechQuarters, will be able to help you decide on the best package to suit your business needs. Through the use of 365, you make use of an easy and cost-effective cloud-based solution which allows the use of emails, collaboration, communications platforms, Office web applications, and so much more. IT really is not just an email client – it facilitates some utterly amazing features that users absolutely love. You will even find yourself downloading their smart-phone versions of the apps on your phone so that you can access them easier. The convenience and collaborative components that make up Office 365 make them firm favorites for many working individuals. 

For most businesses, moving to an online cloud-based platform makes them worry about the safety and security of their data. Finding the right provider of Managed IT Support London based businesses can rely on is important. Microsoft themselves have said the following: “Office 365 is an enterprise-grade service, designed to meet the most rigorous requirements for security, privacy, reliability, and manageability.” If there is any one online-platform to recommend for your business, this is most certainly the one. The state-of-the-art serves use Microsoft’s most trusted productivity solutions—Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint® Online, and Microsoft Lync™ Online – so you can rest assured your data is always safe and sound. If you are still unsure about whether or not Office 365 is right for you, just speak to a local IT Support Provider in your area and ask them to give you some advice in terms of what kind of Microsoft Suite would best suit your budget, business, and goals. 

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