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Why We Choose Truckmate Mudguards

A mudguard is a curved cover that goes over the wheel of a vehicle. Its primary function is to prevent water, mud, or dirt from splashing onto a car, truck, or bus, thus providing crucial protection to the underside of your vehicle.

The main role of a mudguard makes it an important safety feature. Therefore, sourcing quality ones is crucial. As a result, you have to select the right brand. 

Truckmate is a premier parts manufacturer that offers a wide range of high-quality mudguards. Their products are suitable for Japanese, European and American trucks, including rigs and trailer combinations.

So, what sets Truckmate apart?

It is a trusted original equipment manufacturer.

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) refers to a company that produces aftermarket parts whose specifications closely mimic the originals. Therefore, selecting products from a certified OEM brand certifies their quality. This requirement is particularly crucial when purchasing mudguards as their efficacy relies on their durability.

Truckmate has extensive experience in the mudguard business, spanning 30 years. The company has gained a reputation as a leading parts manufacturer in that time. Consequently, numerous companies opt to install Truckmate mudguard brackets and mudguards in new vehicles coming from their factories.

They are injection moulded for strength.

Truckmate pioneered the manufacture of injection moulded mudguards in Australia. Their process utilizes high-quality polypropylene to boost the strength and durability of their mudguards. As a result, Truckmate’s innovation has elevated the quality of product finishing.

This superior finish quality enables Truckmate mudguards to absorb or deflect most impacts while maintaining integrity. Consequently, Truckmate’s injection moulded components last significantly longer than those offered by other brands; therefore, you get superior protection and long service.

They stay good-looking with UV stabilization.

It may seem trivial to some, but truck owners wish to establish and maintain a superior appearance for their trucks in many cases. This is especially true when owners display their company livery on their vehicles. So, since they, in essence, become a part of a moving billboard, the mudguards in use must be able to stay looking at their best for long periods. Additionally, robust mudguards help maintain the safety of everyone on the road by eliminating the possibility of the failure of brittle, faded plastic, which may cause damage.

Truckmate mudguards are manufactured with UV stabilisation. This feature prevents the plastic from deteriorating and fading despite exposure to the harshest conditions. Furthermore, it allows Truckmate to offer their mudguards in 12 different colors.

They are locally made.

Truckmate manufactures their mudguards locally. So, choosing their products avails you of quality components while enabling you to support a local company. On the other hand, while Truckmate is Australian, it still enjoys a global reach, where the world’s biggest OEMs, including Iveco and Volvo, list it as their preferred supplier.

Locally made also means well suited to local use. Thus, Truckmate mudguards are a manifestation of local professional expertise. That is why they hold up so well in Australia’s tough road conditions and harsh climate.

When purchasing mudguards, you need to certify that they are a perfect fit for your truck. So you must ensure that your chosen supplier provides only quality aftermarket parts for trucks before completing the purchase. In this way, you also reap the benefits of having safe, long-lasting components that keep your vehicle on the road longer.

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