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Why Visuals Are Essential For effective communication in blogging

Information is also better communicated through the use of visuals. A well-designed
infographic can be extremely helpful when attempting to convey a difficult topic to the

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Also, a picture can oftentimes do what words can’t when it comes to illustrating a point.
Videos are getting increasingly popular and for good reason. As reported by HubSpot,
over half of the customers are interested in receiving more video content from the brands
and businesses they support. Video material is particularly useful for achieving both of
these goals. Wyzowl found that after seeing a brand’s video, 84% of customers felt
compelled to make a purchase.
A visual depiction of facts or information, infographics are becoming increasingly
popular. One of its many uses is to make otherwise dry or boring material more
engaging and understandable to the reader. HubSpot reports that infographics are
shared and liked on social media 3 times more than any other content genre. So videos
and Infographics are the two most popular media for content strategy.
Images added to blog posts can increase the likelihood that readers will want to share
that piece. Blog posts with interesting photographs are more likely to be shared than
those with just a lot of text. This can help spread the word about your site and attract
new visitors.

Top 5 reasons visuals are essential for effective communication in blogging

Attract and engage readers: Readers are attracted to and kept interested in more stuff
that is easy on the eyes. Images, graphics, and videos that are both relevant and
engaging may do wonders for a blog post’s ability to attract and retain readers.
Microsoft found that in 2013, the average human attention span was only 8 seconds,
down from 12 in 2000. It means it’s getting harder and harder to hook a reader. Yet
pictures are a great way to grab people’s attention and keep it. According to Jeff Bullas,
posts that include images get 94% more views than those that don’t.

Increase comprehension: Visuals improve understanding by giving readers a different
perspective on the subject at hand, showing an example, or breaking down a difficult
idea into its component parts. The information presented in a chart or graph is easier to
read and understand.

Enhance memory retention: Visuals are a great tool for improving memory recall since
people tend to remember images more readily than they do words. When a blog article
includes pertinent visuals, it can assist readers retain the material long after they’ve
finished reading.

Enhance Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Visual content is highly valued by
search engines like Google since it serves as an indicator of content quality. If you want
to boost your blog post’s search engine rankings and attract more readers, you should
use relevant images.

Boost social shares: Your blog post will have a greater impact if more people choose
to share it on social media if they find it visually appealing. You can boost the number of
people who read and share your blog post by including relevant images.Buzzsumo
conducted research which showed that articles with photographs were shared more
than those without, and that articles with at least one image were shared twice as much
as those without.

To sum up, videos, and pictures are crucial for clear communication in blogging. They make
your material more interesting, easier to understand and spread online. The use of
high-quality images is crucial to the success of your blog.

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