Why Video Games Should Be Your Leisure Activity

A lot of non-gamers tend to repeat the same, tired ideas about playing video games. They say that video games are a colossal waste of time and that there is no benefit to playing them. The even go so far to say that video games have a negative impact on your life. These ideas about the value of gaming are far from new and have been repeated over and over again. However, this idea that video games are useless is not true in the least. Video games do serve a purpose in our lives and it’s a pastime that more people should consider for the many benefits it imparts. Here are some reasons why video games should be your leisure activity.

Video games are enjoyable – Of course this is the reason why everyone loves them. At the heart of the matter, playing video games is a fun way to pass the time. There are so many different types of games ranging from sports to adventure to problem solving. There is at least one type of game that everyone will enjoy. These games transport us to another dimension and allow us to feel the full gamut of emotions. And because they are interactive, they can entertain us in ways that books and film cannot.

Accessibility – Playing video games is an enjoyable pastime that almost everyone could enjoy. You don’t have to have an expensive computer setup or the latest console. If you have a mobile phone you are halfway there. Additionally, you don’t need to purchase expensive games to have fun. Many great video games are either very cheap or even free to play.

Improve your brain – Yes playing video games can do a lot to improve your brain health. Studies have shown that gaming can increase the volume of gray matter in your brain and improves how it communicates. This can translate into faster thought processing and increased intelligence. And when one considers that gaming promotes better memory retention and problem solving, it comes as no surprise that gaming brings real benefits to your brain health. So if the choice is between daydreaming on the couch after work or increasing your brain’s computing power through gaming, the choice is clear. 

Helps you connect – It’s not always possible to connect with friends and family, especially when they live far away and or you are living in the middle of a global pandemic. Of course talking on the phone is always great. But what better way to connect with loved ones and what better way to meet new people than to share an activity with them? Gaming is uniquely set up to help you achieve just this. 

You can earn money – What’s a better way to spend your leisure time than earning some money while relaxing? Nowadays, video games double as a source of both entertainment and income. And why not earn a few dollars while you game? Many people are fond of making money while streaming. Some even play online casino games. Nowadays people can buy joystick token, which is a peer-to-peer and open-source digital currency, similar to Bitcoin that can be used for a number of purposes including collecting and using to make purchases and/or sell NFTs.

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