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Why to Invest in  New Metro city Gujar Khan Commercial Plots

Gujar Khan


The investment may benefit Gujar Khan’s massive expansion as a critical, highly urbanized city.” New Metro City Gujar Khan” is another project launched by BSM Developer. All of this project’s recent features and services are also reasonably priced. In addition, an essential portion of the property is planned to make lush public places and parks.



Bilal Bashir Malik, the founder and Chief executive of New Metro City Gujar Khan, is recognized worldwide. The concept of BSM Developers, a real estate company with considerable experience. The project plans to establish an infrastructure for New Metro City with professional staff support. In addition, the organization has been well for creating international mansions in Pakistan’s major cities.



The RDA has cleared the New Metro City Gujjar Khan NOC. So you may also feel safe when buying in this beautiful house development.



Most significantly, the location of any residential complex is significant. As a result, this structure has grown into the city’s most desirable and outstanding site. It is near Islamabad on the major GT Highway. The direct entry to New Metro City Gujar Khan is via GT Road, but there are many secondary ways.


New Metro City Gujar Khan is convenient because it is close to the busiest routes in the twin cities region. This neighbourhood offers an ideal setting in which to live and invest. Because of the region’s high interconnectedness and accessibility, all necessary services and industrial assets are readily available. Furthermore, this is a fantastic investment option for anyone looking for a friendly lifestyle near Islamabad. This residential development stands out owing to its close vicinity and affordable cost.

Commercial Plot


New Metro City Gujar Khan has launched another unique new commercial plot sale, spurring enthusiasm in the twin metropolis’ real estate industry. Because this is the first economic release in NMC Gujar Khan, many companies are anxious to capitalize on this opportunity.

This commercial model lacks specific market prices and tale sizes. Nonetheless, we shall publish indicative values circulated by real estate brokers. Hence, the plot sizes in the new commercial plots of 2.66 and 5 Marla.

Price schedule


The price plans are pretty affordable for their investors. For example, the value of the 2.66 Marla commercial plot is 4,750,000 PKR/- with a downpayment of 950,000 PKR/-. The confirmation charges after the reservation are 290,000 PKR/-after 60 days. Moreover, there are simple 30 monthly instalments of 59,000 PKR/-

The charge of the 5 Marla commercial plot is 9,750,000 PKR/-. The down payment is 1,750,000/- After 60 days of the reservation, the confirmation charges would be 490,000 PKR/-. There are 30 monthly instalments of  155,600 PKR/-

Why Invest in Commercial Property?


Real estate investors are looking in New metro city mandi bahauddin ideal place. The costs are initially low but expected to double in the coming years. This business area’s goal is to include all of the fundamental aspects of a beautiful residence. Moreover, New Metro City has a lot of durable infrastructure, making it a great area to reside.

Payment Plan Flexibility


The purpose of BSM in this endeavour is to keep expenses as low as possible. Moreover, everyone can gain from this residential construction investment option. As a result, now is the time to invest in Gujar Khan’s New Metro City while costs are growing.

Ideal location


This commercial district is on GT Road, which links the twin cities. As a result, individuals in both areas will have speedy access to it. Moreover, due to its excellent position and simplicity of access, New Metro City Gujar Khan is anticipated to capture the interest of many parties involved.

Basic Amenities


The investors make every effort to ensure this endeavour’s success. Also, they supply all of the necessities for a modern metropolis. Furthermore, there is a commerce complex, education programs, entertainment attractions, health clinics, and countless more delights. With all these characteristics, it’s easy to understand why this residential development is a significant investment.

Safe neighbourhood


The builders are building a private house for each investor. There are also security cameras to record significant events in the neighbourhood. Furthermore, security agents will patrol Society to prevent any disruptions. As a result, development in this area has necessitated achieving a steady living standard.



The designers of New Metro City Gujar Khan present numerous advantages to residents.

  • Advance Monitoring system
  • Health Center
  • Parks
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Graveyard
  • Parking area
  • Education center

Development Update


The development process of this project is off to a solid start, and the pace is picking up. Unfortunately, it will also affect future prices. A few important events will cause property prices in this enterprise to skyrocket. As a result, now is the time to invest in this Community to reap significant gains quickly.



To conclude, this housing design is an excellent starting point for supporting the inhabitants of Gujar Khan. Nevertheless, the New Metro City Gujar Khan is an outstanding investment due to the above conditions and the developer’s availability. Moreover, one of the Society’s significant advantages is its position, making it one of the easiest in Gujar Khan for people to get. Furthermore, the housing Project, on the other hand, includes a wide range of facilities like water systems, gas, and power, all of which are essential for all residents. As a result, buying this concept for residential or commercial usage is the most acceptable decision.


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