Why to Choose a Wooden Carport ?

It is well known that it is wise to park your car under cover to prolong its life. To park your car safely, you have several choices; the carport and the garage. In this article, discover all the advantages of the wooden carport.

What are the differences between a wooden carport and a garage?

Garages and carports are two solutions that allow you to protect your vehicle when it is parked. However, in terms of structure, these two options have significant differences. The garage is a closed shelter with 4 walls and a roof, with a door to open it. The carport, on the other hand, simply consists of a roof supported by supports at each corner.

Although both options have several advantages, the wooden carport is the ideal solution for those who want a shelter that is installed quickly and easily.

Why to choose a wooden carport?

Compared to a garage, the carport has many advantages:

– Easy to install

Installing a carport is easy from the beginning to the end: you can buy it here and it will be delivered to your door. The price includes shipping, unloading, and a hardware kit. Because of the absence of walls, the wooden carport is the easiest solution to install. All you have to do is bury or seal the four supports and attach a flat or sloping roof. If you have some construction skills, this should be very easy to do. And if you prefer to entrust the installation to a professional, the labor will also be cheaper.

– Robustness

The wooden carport looks very simple and may seem fragile. But it is not! As there are no doors or walls, it is not subject to wind pressure. So even in bad weather, your car will be protected.

– Convenience

The absence of a door or wall makes the wooden carport a very practical solution for parking your vehicle. Here you don’t have to look for the garage door keys or wait for the door to open. Simply park under the roof and your car is safe. When your car is not parked, you can use this space to do some work or repairs protected from the weather. A wooden carport can also become an excellent covered terrace for your summer meals!

– Aesthetics

The carport is a structure that adapts easily to all types of environments. Because of its simplicity, you can design it as you wish, whether it be the roof or the stands. Moreover, its discreet aspect won’t mismatch the design of your exterior and if you wish, you can personalize it by painting it.

– The price

Often, the budget is a determining factor when choosing the various home improvements. In this respect, the carport wins the match hands down. The carport fulfills the same functions as the garage (i.e. protecting your vehicle), but at a much more attractive price. On average, the price difference between these two options is 30 to 40% for the same surface area.

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