Why television might be the medium that takes cryptocurrency mainstream

There are thousands of creative directors in the market, but only a handful of them enjoy the luxury to win a contract for their movie idea and earn a reasonable financial reward in return. This scenario makes the industry quite saturated and centralized. However, with the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency, this huge marketplace could become decentralized, ensuring that every creative individual in the world is rewarded with digital currency.

It is estimated that more than 100,000 talented directors exist in the world and in order to offer a platform for promoting their ideas, various crypto ventures have emerged recently.


As the name suggests, it allows credible filmmakers to embark on the long road to success by facilitating them to bring their ideas to reality on this decentralized platform, which is not controlled by media giants around the world.

Basically, it happens to be an online cinema where filmmakers are allowed to set up different prices for their tickers. They also enjoy the luxury of monetizing their movie by displaying different ads, and by how many seats are filled while their movie is playing.

It is worth noticing that the platform works equally for movie fanatics as well, who are rewarded after reviewing or watching content by allowing them to earn tokens; the quantity earned depends on the length and rating of the movie they have watched.

Another great perk is that movie lovers are facilitated to open up their own mini cinema on this network and are able to watch movies in their favorite genres.


Tv-Two’s popularity, and how mainstream it might become, could easily be evaluated from the fact that it is already partnered with FOX, giving it quite a decent edge over the majority of its competitors.

The use of blockchain technology allows users, producers, content creators and advertisers to connect directly. It eliminates the need for having an intermediary and makes the process much more efficient, decentralized and profitable. It will be running a native token, named TTV, to reward the community for various activities they perform on the platform.

It also features a smartphone application for viewing the content, and another wallet app to store all the hard-earned currency after watching movies and other TV content.


While the name sounds unusual to a wide range of people, this platform provides an incredible deal of services and rewards for merely watching their movies.

The user interface resembles much like NetFlix, so if you are a TV geek you won’t find it difficult or unusual to interact with. One of the coolest things about TaTaTu is that it has been featured on some credible brands, including TechCrunch, The Hollywood Reporter, Forbes and The Coin Telegraph.

It is quite a reasonable and rewarding initiative for reputed brands and users, with the latter being rewarded for watching premium content by the advertising cost per ad being shared with the users.

As far as the brands are concerned, TaTaTu is quite clear on its stance that it will only support premium video content. So if a brand is trying to offer irrelevant ads, it won’t see the light of day.  

There are a lot of video marketing campaigns running on the internet right now but none of them are able to verify whether a particular visitor was authentic or not. However, at TaTaTu, the blockchain technology performs validation of every visit to ensure it is coming from a real user and not a bot, providing a certain level of comfort to the brands that their investment will generate some leads.

About the Author:

Emmanuel Darko is a Blockchain technology entrepreneur and an advocate for the adoption and use of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). An ex-banker who has had stints in both commercial and investment banking when he worked with Zenith and Data Banks respectively and he is currently VP at


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