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Why Swipecart is the best in No-code App Builders 2022?

Why Swipecart is best in No-code App Builders 2022?

The past decade has been great in terms of technological advancements. We have moved from 4G to 5G on the internet. We are incorporating Augmented Reality into our mobile applications. Artificial Intelligence has made decision-making more predictive and accurate. And yes, one more substantial improvement has been the arrival of no-code platforms to make building websites and mobile applications easy and fast.

These no-code tools have changed the mobile app development dynamics significantly. It has opened doors for non-technical users and citizen developers to build mobile apps without having to learn to code, making it much easier than the traditional methods of app development.

The growth of these no-code app builders has seen considerable evolution. At first, they were built to help in creating MVPs (Minimum Viable Products). But now, it has branched into fully scalable mobile app building giving a head start for startups while being equally useful for small and big enterprises.

Why does your business need a mobile app?

The question that comes foremost to our mind is why is it a dire necessity to have an app when you have a website that is doing great! This is where you need to dig a bit further and understand the consumer needs. As per statistics, shoppers view five times more products per session within e-commerce apps compared to websites thanks to a faster, less cluttered experience.

Also, your store icon on their device serves as a constant reminder of your brand and it gives that subtle nudge to open the app and check for offers or products they might be interested in, resulting in impulse buys or repeat purchases.

E-commerce apps have three times more conversions when compared to mobile websites and one and half times more than desktops. So, now you know why a website or even a mobile-friendly website will not suffice if you want to have exceptional sales and profits in your online business.

What are the benefits of no-code app builders?

Once you have set your sights on having an engaging app for your business, the next step is to find and build one. You can opt to build one from scratch hiring the best mobile app development team or outsource the task.

But then, it comes with its set of challenges. And mind it, it isn’t easy. The costs keep adding up and even the time for its completion. You can ask your peers or friends about their mobile app development experience and for sure it will dissuade you from going for one.

An easier route, and you’ll not regret it, is to opt for no-code mobile app builders. They are the perfect answer for every challenge you face while building a mobile app. They help you build your own app fast and at a less cost.

Whatever no-code app builders you use, your ultimate goal is to dramatically reduce the time taken to build an app. With drag and drop builders, you can build apps similar to a coded app complete with features and functions in a fraction of the time. And because time and money are important considerations, a no-code app builder makes app development fast-completing and less expensive.

Why is Swipecart the best no-code app builder for 2022?

Among the many no-code app builders you may find online, Swipecart is a preferred option when you have your e-commerce store on WooCommerce. We’ll tell you why. Read on because there’s a surprise for you at the end.

1. It has an easy drag-and-drop editing tool

If you are interested in how to create a mobile app with Swipecart, let us tell you, it is exciting and super easy. It has a drag-and-drop editor tool which makes the app designing task easy to understand and execute. Basically, all the components take a visual form and we have to drag and drop these into the app layout screen.

It has several options for slider banners, single banners, carousels, and many other widgets. All you have to do is select a feature from a dropdown menu and drag and drop your choice of widget design to the screen layout section. You have an edit option to modify features of the widget like fonts, colors, and much more.

2. You get flexibility in designs

Generic app builders force you to use one of their pre-designed themes. Swipecart doesn’t. It encourages you to start from a blank template and gradually complete designing the app screens. And yes, you can add as many extra pages as you want. Swipecart has no cookie-cutter templates to limit your app scalability. It gives you enough flexibility to customize your app as per the branding requirements.

3. Build completely scalable apps

With Swipecart, you completely recreate the look and functionality of your e-commerce store on the app by integrating third-party plugins for payment gateway, checkout options, customer reviews, popup messages, push notifications, and much more. So, no worries, even if your e-commerce app has heavy traffic, the plugins work well to give a seamless experience to your users.

4. Easy to build a mobile app from your existing WooCommerce store

The mobile apps created using Swipecart update automatically with any changes you make on your site. So, there’s nothing to add to your workflow. You maintain one database and sync the same product catalog to both your website and the app instantly without the need to migrate. Also, Swipecart works with your existing payment processors, making it easy to manage.

5. Reach customers through push notifications

The aim of building a mobile app for your business is to boost sales. It is possible when you get new customers, engage them with your app, and nudge them to buy products. With mobile apps, achieving customer engagement becomes a tad easy through push notifications.

It’s a direct line of communication with your most loyal customers to alert them about offers, new products, and to keep them updated with the order delivery process. With Swipecart, we go one step ahead. It has solutions for user segmentation, personalized messaging, and automated push notification configuration to support your marketing campaigns and in the process make your customer journey seamless and fruitful.

6. Feature-loaded mobile app

In the end, let us tell you about what features you can expect in your mobile app when you use Swipecart.

Tab menu– It is the core of your mobile app. It makes all features of your app easily accessible.

Message center– Here is where the received messages are saved for the user to revisit it.

Push preferences– You can design popups to let users decide what type of notifications they’ll receive.

Customizable splash screen– Your users will see a branded splash screen and will get feedback with a progress bar.

Configuration dashboard– You control everything in real-time on the dashboard from app designing to marketing and analytics.

Automatic rating prompts– Gently nudge your users to leave favorable ratings and reviews of your app with automatic rating prompt triggers.

There are many such amazing features to make your app feel like a native app and give your app users a seamless shopping experience.

Wrapping Up

So, here’s our honest analysis of Swipecart, the best of the no-code app builders for 2022. We’ve tried it and our app is now up and running with a significant boost in sales and profits. And yes, we haven’t forgotten. We told you we’ll let out a secret in the end. Here it is. Get free mobile app with Swipecart!

Swipecart has simple pricing plans with a free trial to make your mobile app. But, there’s also a free plan perfect for new businesses. You can always upgrade your plan as your business starts getting traction.

If you’re looking for a solution to get the content out from your WordPress e-commerce website into a mobile app, we suggest going with Swipecart. It’s easy to use and incredibly valuable if boosting conversions and sales are your business goals!

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