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Why So Many Small Business Owners Use Now Hiring Signs


Looking for a job? You’re probably in hot demand. If you’re looking to recruit someone for your business, you’re in trouble. Ever since the economy started recovering from the COVID19 pandemic, the demand for employees has skyrocketed. Companies across industries are struggling to hire and retain employees. According to a recent study –

  • 59% of workers feel more confident about their job security than ever before.
  • Every month, private-sector employment is increasing by hundreds of thousands. For example, in September 2021, 568,000 new jobs were added to the national private sector.
  • The leisure and hospitality industries are the biggest beneficiaries of the post-pandemic economic recovery. These sectors are aggressively hiring new employees every day.

If you’re a small business owner with recruitment goals for your company, these figures may scare you. How can your small business attract new employees when the competition for high-quality workers is so fierce? For many small businesses, the simplest solution has proven to be the most effective.

Hiring Signs – Simple but Effective Tools

A custom-designed now hiring sign is a very simple promotional tool. You can hang this sign outside your store to let people know that your business is actively seeking new workers. However, these simple, old-school advertising tools continue to yield amazing results for recruiters. Here’s why –

  • Local Candidates: For small-scale businesses, hiring local workers is always an advantage. You get to help your local community. Plus, it’s easier to trust and rely on workers with local connections. Simple signs that say “now hiring” help attract local candidates. Most people who will see this sign outside your store will be those who live close by. Let’s say 1% of your local community’s population is interested in the position you’re offering. With these signs, you’ll be able to reach out to them.
  • Cheapest Recruitment Tools: Modern-day recruitment tools are super expensive and super complicated. From opening online profiles on recruitment platforms to posting ads to emailing candidates – there are countless costs and efforts involved. On the other hand, now hiring signs are cheap, easy to customize, and easy to install. You can ask any sign-making company to create customized now hiring signs for your brand. You can even download free sign design templates from the Internet and customize your signs. Either way, these signs don’t cost too much. Plus, they’re typically made of super-durable materials like vinyl or PVC. That means they can be used for decades. These signs won’t fade, tear, or lose their aesthetic appeal. They’ll be helpful for your company every recruitment season.
  • Comprehensive Sources of Info: You can print many design elements on your “now hiring” signs. Print tour company’s name and logo to ensure potential candidates remember your brand. Mention the job title and the must-have requirements (e.g., experience or availability during specific shifts) on the signs. You can even share details about the application process: on these signs (telling candidates when/how to apply). Overall, these signs serve as comprehensive sources of information for job seekers.

Well-designed “now hiring” signs can even reinforce word-of-mouth recruiting. People walking by the store may let their friends know about your job offer. These are the reasons why so many small businesses still use these signs.

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