Why Smart Containers is preparing an ICO for logistics– is this a viable project to invest in?

When you want to invest in an initial coin offer (ICO), some of the basic things to scrutinize are the development team for the project, then the white paper which would present all of the basic ideas of the project. These two features in any ICO, could help you in coming to a decision on whether to go ahead or hold on to your money. It is in line with these tenets that we would be analyzing the prospects of the Smart Containers™ company ICOs.

Why ICOs?

Every ICO that has ever been announced, had the intention of raising funds; but that’s not the big deal. The investor’s interest should be geared towards the purpose for which those funds are gathered. Usually, it feels more transparent and purpose-oriented when an ICO project has clearly stated what the monies would be used for, and even by what percentage per sub-item of the project.

The Smart Containers group although making a major incorporation of the blockchain technology into his operations is in fact not a fresh start-up company. The company has been in operation for over five years and only just recently launched a subsidiary of the company that will cater for its temperature-sensitive food logistics. Even so, the company has been able to achieve quite a lot in terms of business partnerships, technological sophistication, and a good number of patent rights.

According to estimate breakdown, the company intends to push token sale funds into brand development, with the chunk of the funds realized from the SMARC coin sale to be used for scaling its pharmaceutical logistic branch (which has risen to become the fourth largest temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical logistic outfit in five years). By major standards, this shows an upward growth curve for the company.

On the other hand, its second phase token sale which births the Logi coin focuses on the company’s blockchain development. Due to its operations and convenience impacting features on the logistic trade, the token is likely to gain massive adoption in just a short time; and this would correlate to its increase in price value.

Smart Containers ICO, Development Team and the Whitepaper

Although the Chief executives at the Smart Containers group do not seem to have vast knowledge in cryptocurrency/blockchain development, their dispositions in ensuring the company’s development would tell how much profit the company makes on the overall. The fact that the SMARC token holders are entitled to up to 20% of the company’s future profits shows that the welfare of the logistics outfit has a direct effect on whatever value they can get from the tokens.

Logi tokens whose value would depend largely on the welfare of the major blockchain project has a reasonable team of cryptocurrency experts, that could ensure that the blockchain and all of its entirety are thriving well.

There are a number of temperature-sensitive logistics company already, but none of them has incorporated a blockchain technology to enhance the quality of any of its services. If we may consider this factor too, then we could say the Logi chain network may be on its way to the moon.

The ICO for this project is also managed by AmaZix. AmaZix is a world leader in Crypto community management. AmaZix accepts only viable projects, properly scrutinized.

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