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Why Shouldn’t You Drive Without Car Insurance?

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Before getting to the subject, compare driving without car insurance to taking a brief walk down a rickety bridge with no health or life insurance. What do you realize? You might still reach the end of the bridge, but you’d be missing that important safety net you wish you had if things went south. On the flip side, while comparing car insurance to health insurance, the former may seem like a better option when it’s a law in every country. You just can’t drive a vehicle without its car insurance.

Comprehending the repercussions of operating behind the wheel with any car insurance is an ideal method to appreciate the advantages of owning one, primarily when you’re nearing that moment. Also, car insurance is one of the topics that’s still untouched. That’s because the topic is not glamorous enough to enter any conversation. It does not come to people naturally. Driving without one may be a smart financial decision for some people too. So, if you are ever in such a dreadful position, here are a few things you must know about driving without car insurance.

1.  It’s the law

You’re mistaken if you’re wondering whether car insurance could be slid under the bed. Car insurance is needed in almost every country, so there is no getting past it. Consequently, if you are caught without one and found guilty, be ready to experience steep penalties, such as license revocation, fines, and jail time.

The entire total of your fine is calculated by the time your policy expires. However, if you have had no insurance coverage for more than three months, you are entitled to pay fines. And if you wish to avoid this, consult an insurance coverage provider. Apart from law, coverage can save a significant amount of damages and money. So, think about it.

2.  Damage property or hurt someone – bear the cost.

Suppose you’re driving back home from work when another driver turns in before you, leading to a collision. In this case, the other driver would begin yelling and cursing you while the bystanders accumulate and witness the scene. And then you look at your car that has been pushed against its curb because of the impact. Well, it isn’t going anywhere.

This specific situation would be even worse had the driver sued you for damage and injuries, let alone pain and suffering. Even lost income would play a massive role here since you both can’t attend work. What follows you are property damage, medical expenses, emotional disturbance, and PTSD.

3.  Even the best get in accidents.

The first reason anyone must have car insurance is that accidents occur even if your driving skills are top-notch. Moreover, many think they are invincible as they have been behind the wheel for years and have never experienced anything dangerous. This belief, God forbid, is dangerous. If any insurance does not cover you, and one of such unfortunate events takes place, who will bear the expenses and damages? At the end of the day, you might find yourself at the knife’s edge.

Losing a driving license is not all. There are many things at stake here. From thousands of dollars to expensive repairs, your health suffers. This is a devastating blow to your career too.

4.  Insurance covers your lost wages too.

In case you’re struck by an accident and can’t return to your workplace for a long time, many car insurance coverage plans could cover your lost wages. Such insurance can be triggered if you’re involved in an accident caused by another driver. The insurance company will pay all your medical bills, average wages for the designated period, and associated damage costs.

5.  Insurance can be relatively cheaper.

Insurance companies are smarter than you think. When they issue a comprehensive coverage plan, agents happen to measure the stats to determine your risk of falling prey to an accident. What if you haven’t experienced any collisions, accidents, or moving misconduct in the last half-decade? The premium can be precisely lower than someone else.

On the flip side, if you are facing tough times getting an affordable policy, consider buying an old vehicle that does not require a hefty coverage. As a consequence, the coverage would cost way less than what a new car induces. Or, it is probably the right time to ditch that clunker of a car and get something better. Either way, it will pay off. Do not forget that the longer the policy period is, the more money it might cost upfront. However, those payments will add together over a certain period, like a savings account, until they are a bit lower than what you would pay for a single year’s coverage.

6.  Claim without talking to anyone.

When caught in a car mishap, you might not have to deal with or speak with anyone. In this case, you can file an online claim by mail or phone. Alternatively, if you visit in person, capturing pictures of the damage is best before discussing it with other people on site.

The last stand

Trust the experts when they say that you won’t be able to file for coverage if you aren’t covered at all. This can put a dent in your bank account and drain you mentally. The point we’re trying to make is – you’ll be in no position to stand for your cause or situation. Ultimately, get covered, speak to the experts, and buy a coverage plan that covers all the above points.

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