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Why Should You Visit a Car Garage Every Year?

You are so happy and relaxed when you find your car is working perfectly fine. You don’t even think about a car garage. According to you, what’s the need of visiting a car garage if there is no problem in the car and it’s running smoothly. It’s just a waste of time and money.

This is where you are wrong. A car garage is not just for repairs; it is important for the servicing and maintenance of your car as well. If you think you will book an appointment with a car garage owner only if there is a problem in your car or it’s not working, you are mistaken. More than car repair, car maintenance is crucial for its longevity. 

For car servicing and maintenance, you should visit a car garage every year. If you think your car needs more, you should increase the number of your visits. 

What is car servicing?

The car servicing includes a series of checks and tests that are carried out by a trained mechanic. A mechanic checks the car alongside its manufacturer’s guidelines. Though there is no legal requirement to service your car every year, you should get it done. It’s said missing out on car servicing impacts its performance, value and safety negatively. 

The trained mechanic in the car garage inspects the suspension, brakes, steering, electrical systems, oil change, battery, and lights during servicing. Other than this, the mechanic test runs the car, depending on the type of servicing you opt for. 

How to know that it’s time to visit a car garage for servicing?

 Very simple and easy to know that your car needs servicing is the flashlight on the dashboard. This indicates that there is something wrong in your car and you should take care of it immediately. You might not know the actual problem. 

Sometimes, car service is required even if you don’t see a flashing light. You should look at other signs, such as. 

  • Car pulling to one side when steering 
  • Unusual sounds from your car 
  • Fuel consumption is more than usual
  • Frequent stalking 
  • Vibrations more than normal 
  • Smoke coming from the bonnet 

What are the benefits of regular car servicing?

Your car will be less prone to breaking down

If everything is thoroughly inspected and repaired on time, your car will be healthy and run smoothly. Most importantly, it is less likely to break down, saving you money. 

Your car’s lifespan will increase

With regular servicing, any issue in your car will be picked up beforehand, making sure that it doesn’t become bigger. If there will be no problem, with your car, its lifespan will increase automatically. 

Your car’s value will be maintained

A car having a full-service warranty is always valued higher as the buyers don’t have to spend much on the car after buying. With the service warranty, you can quote the best price for your car when selling it. 

Your car’s warranty will be valid

The warranty given by some manufacturers is only valid if the car is properly serviced. If you miss your vehicle servicing, your manufacturer can void the warranty and you will have to pay for the repairs. 

Your car will drive more efficiently

A fully-serviced car will give you a smooth and efficient driving experience. You will save more with better fuel economy and no frequent auto repairs. 

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