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Why should you rely on Oakley when it comes to buying sunglasses?

Sunglasses look great on most people and if we try to count how many brands of sunglasses are selling out there, we will find a fantastic number. There are so many brands trying their luck by selling sunglasses, ranging from North American and Western European products that are of average high quality to Chinese products that vary in quality. Of course, there is a fairly wide price differentiation there.

The question is “Which brand should we choose?”

It depends on where we start. If we just want to look cool without worrying too much about quality, all cheap glasses can be a place of choice. If we really value the quality of sunglasses materials, only a few brands should come to us, one of which is Oakley. he sportsman’s penchant for wearing Oakley sunglasses doesn’t necessarily make the brand raise the price of its products sky-high.

But why Oakley?

Oakley is not a new brand that needs proof. First released its products 39 years ago, and since then Oakley has always been steadfast in maintaining high performance in each of its products. Oakley was originally a motorcycle brand, which explains why its early products were developed from a basic understanding of motorcycle grip technology. The technology was adapted to create high-friction socks that grip the wearer’s head firmly. It was clear from the start that Oakley products were created for high performance and for those who are “hard on the move”, eg racers, people with intense outdoor activities, and so on.

To this day, Oakley already has no less than 600 sunglasses patents, most of which have become the basis for developing other similar products illegally. Yes, you can find hundreds of types of sunglasses that imitate Oakley products, but of course with a much different quality!

Identical to famous people

Famous people or in the current term influencers are important for increasing product reputation. Oakley has long been favored by popular people, especially world-class sportsmen like Lance Armstrong. Certainly not without reason why they chose Oakley amidst the many choices. Oakley products are durable and relatively more resistant to impact, it’s no wonder so many skiers, motorcycle racers, and mountain climbers can’t turn their backs on the brand to this day. In turn, these influential people helped strengthen the Oakley brand and encouraged it to further develop its products in terms of quality.

However, with all its advantages, Oakley products are sold at relatively affordable prices

The sportsman’s penchant for wearing Oakley sunglasses doesn’t necessarily make the brand raise the price of its products sky-high. You can choose any pair of Oakley sunglasses and hope you don’t spend more than $500. For example, the Oakley Holbrook series sells for between 200 and 300 dollars. Certainly affordable for most people. Instead of buying cheap $10 worth of sunglasses and breaking down a week later, investing your $200 in Oakley sunglasses sure looks smart.

Ultimately, Oakley is all about quality. If you really love yourself by not wearing cheap sunglasses and also your pocket by buying affordable quality sunglasses, Oakley is the answer for you.


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