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Why Should You Register a .PK Domain Name Extension?

The online business industry is growing in Pakistan. People have realized the potential that it offers. If you are looking for an online business presence, then think no further and start right now. You need two things to get started.

The first thing you need is a domain and hosting and the second is a website. A domain is a url that people type to visit your website. Hosting or web hosting is the place where your site’s files are stored.

Tips for Selecting a Domain with Extension

When it comes to selecting a domain, it must be memorable, short and relevant to your brand. You can also select a local domain extension such as pk instead of the generic

.com extension as that is focused on targeting local markets.

Some tips for choosing a .PK domain name are shared below:

Keep your domain short and memorable. The shorter and easier it is, the more likely it is for you to remember it.

Use keywords related to your business. This will help your domain name to rank higher in search results.

Be unique and creative. This will help in selecting a domain name for standing out from the competition.

Make sure the domain is available for registration. Check it through the domain registrar search domain name option.

Reasons to Choose PK domain over Generic Com domain

Here are five reasons why you need to register pk domain for your business website in Pakistan.

Helps to Improve Search Engine Ranking.

When people search for online businesses in Pakistan, PK domain websites are given preference by the search engines for local audiences. That’s because the websites with

PK extension match the country of the searcher. This also makes it easy for the local customers to find your site as it’s listed above other sites with generic domain extensions.


Domains Pk highlights your business legitimacy. This helps to build trust with potential partners and customers.

Stands Out from Competition

It helps you to stand out from the competition. There are less pk domains compared to the generic .com or other domain TLDs. This would make your website stand out from the competition to attract more visitors.

Pride in Pakistan

Lastly, it helps to showcase your pride in Pakistan. It is a symbol of commitment to your people and country.

It is short and easy to remember for everyone. It also improves your CTR, and is easy to find for people looking for your website.

It is also affordable compared to the other TLDs as it only serves a specific country.

Domains PK are protected by PKNIC, government authorized registry website for pk domains TLDs. and are therefore more secure.

Choose a reliable domain registrar service for registering your pk domain TLD. Compare the pricing and features to find the best option.

Once you have selected and registered your pk domains, you need to set up your

website or web store and promote it online. There are a variety of marketing methods for reaching your audience such as social media, email marketing and SEO.

That’s how you can get started for building a successful online business presence in Pakistan.

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