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Why Should You Choose A Career In Investment Banking?

Needless to say, investment banking is one of the most flourishing as well as competitive industries in recent times. Despite being a demanding industry that involves long working hours, immense work pressure, and an established hierarchy, the profession’s high profile and handsome compensation make it a popularly pursued career worldwide. What happened to be popular in movies and TV shows now seems to be a promising career choice for finance and non-finance professionals alike. However, along with enrolling in a prestigious investment banking course, every candidate must possess a unique skill set and personal attributes to be a successful investment banker. 

Investment banking: What is it? 

Simply put, investment banking refers to a branch of finance that involves generating funds and capital for companies, government institutions, and individuals through the issuance of securities, underwriting, or at times both. A plethora of other financial services that fall under investment banking includes restructuring, derivative trading, mergers and acquisitions (M&As), etc. Investment bankers are key players in the investment banking industry who are responsible for connecting buyers and sellers while ensuring financial gains for their respective clients. They act as financial advisors to their clients, both corporations and government bodies, and assist them in raising money through issuing stocks, acquisition negotiations, launching IPOs, etc.

It has been observed that a majority of investment banking positions are filled with professionals who hold relevant work experience. This implies that working full-time while pursuing the investment banking certification can increase the chances of you getting hired. Hence, pursuing an investment banking course from a reputed institution is a viable option that will strengthen your resume and boost your professional journey as an investment banker. 

The future of Investment Banking

Given the lucrative pay and dynamic nature of the investment banking industry, there’s no denying the fact that it is one of the most sought-after professions in the finance industry. Regardless of the pandemic and growing uncertainty, investment banking has continued to be one of the fastest-growing segments, not just in India but worldwide. An investment banking course online is a new-age course that has been designed to sharpen each candidate’s skillset in the respective fields. Investment banking certification is relatively new to financial education that attempts to teach students about risk management, equity research, operations, and econometrics. Owing to the burgeoning economy of India and the world, the future of investment banking is promising. Candidates willing to make a career in this field can opt for an investment banking course that aims to instill business understanding and analytical skills. 

Top reasons to be an investment banker 

Now that you have an idea about the investment banking industry and the dynamic job role of an investment banker, it’s time to consider the multiple benefits of choosing a career in investment banking. Professionals with investment banking certifications can work in different capacities and get highly paid. Some of the top reasons to be an investment banker as discussed as follows: 

  • Excel in valuation & modeling work 

The investment banking course prepares candidates to be an expert in building complex financial models that are a requisite for most large-scale organizations. Working on valuations and modeling work gives students an in-depth knowledge of investment concepts that ensure an excellent kickstart to their investment careers. Candidates can gain expertise in creating and managing financial models in the early stage of their careers. 

  • Lucrative packages 

Undeniably, handsome remuneration is one of the key reasons that make a career in investment banking worth all the dedication and extra hours at work. Deserving candidates can bag up to 6 figure annual payout in the initial years of their professional career. Since companies need capital and funds for their projects, they willingly pay well to competent bankers. 

  • Constant learning 

Learning never stops in investment banking. No matter whether you have just started your career as an investment banker or have been in the industry for years, every day is a different day and there’s something new to learn. Surrounded by a highly talented group of people, you’ll be a part of the most interesting and intelligent conversations that adds substantially to personal and professional growth. 

Final Note 

The demand for investment banking professionals is on a rise globally. A career in investment banking is highly rewarding for those willing to work in the finance industry. Hard work and dedication are two prerequisites for thriving and being a successful investment banker. An investment banking course comes with the assurance of recruitment into reputed organizations with good salary packages. If you are willing to pursue a career in the investment banking industry, undertaking a certification course from a recognized institution is essential. Such courses open up a wide range of job opportunities with lucrative salary packages while familiarising students with the real world of finance, investment, and banking. 

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