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Why Should You Buy an Electric Humidor?

When it comes to preserving and keeping your cigar collection, at some point you’ll have to decide on how far you want to go. This is especially true if you consider yourself a cigar lover who normally wants the finest from anything they purchase. When it comes to cigars, accessories, and humidors, you’d be willing to overlook the cost if you are satisfied with the product’s quality and performance.

The main benefit of an electric humidor is due to two factors: you gain, arguably, more control over the storage environment, and you get greater reliability in that control. In addition to this, you will be able to control the temperature. It is true that electric humidors typically offer more storage space, but you may get the same result by purchasing a far larger humidor. We are interested in determining whether or whether electric humidors increase the amount of time a cigar may be enjoyed, as well as if there is any impact on the cigar’s quality.


There’s no escaping the fact that electric humidors are significantly more expensive than other solutions. It may be argued that in terms of design, technology, and even quality, they are superior. But, do electric humidors provide that much better of a buffer or control to warrant the higher price tag?

Prices start in the high hundreds, and a high-end, purely electric humidor can easily cost several thousand dollars. Although prices vary widely, a good electric humidor can cost anywhere from $300 to $4000, depending on features, size, and manufacturer.

How can a higher price benefit you?

You are given control, to put it another way. There is no better way to store your cigars than in an electric humidor, where you have complete control over the environment.

Temperature Control

Not only can you adjust the humidity levels, but also the temperature, in an electric humidor. Some people refer to them as humidor fridges, but you probably won’t be storing cigars at a particularly cold temperature. If your cigars are stored at a temperature of fewer than 64 degrees Fahrenheit, the natural aging process could be slowed.

Electric humidors, thanks to thermoelectric control, can be set to a specific temperature and kept there. Since this is the primary distinction between electric and conventional humidors, there is some debate as to whether or not temperature regulation is necessary.

Variability in Temperature

One could argue that a temperature-controlled humidor is unnecessary because of the comfortable 70-degree ambient temperature. In any case, you can rest assured that your non-electric humidor will keep the right temperature if you follow these tried and true methods.

  • Avoid keeping it in direct sunlight.
  • Do not store in an area without climate control (basement or garage).
  • The optimal temperature for a comfortable home is 70 degrees.

There are cigar smokers who will balk at the idea of maintaining a steady temperature for their favorite pastime. The original tobacco curing barns in Cuba lacked climate control, thus the weather there can be somewhat unpredictable. Tobacco and cigars can suffer irreparable damage from extreme heat or cold, and depending on your location, this may be easier said than done.


Most electric humidors have a tower shape, making them around the same size as a mini-fridge or document safe. You can keep a whole box of cigars in this compartment, although it might also be used for single cigars if desired. In contrast to, say, a desktop humidor, these have a bigger capacity because of the power needed to maintain precise temperature and humidity levels.

Most electric humidors can hold between 300 and 500 cigars, with some models going as high as 1500.

Commercial Use

Because of the potential for frequent access by customers and staff, the electric humidor is a good choice for a business setting because of its capacity and temperature control. Larger capacity, precise humidity, temperature control, and easy accessibility make this ideal for busy cigar bars with a rotating selection of tobacco products. This adds even further justification to the cost.

A private electric humidor is not a practical alternative to a walk-in humidor. You could be paying more for the flash and style than for the actual utility. In most personal situations, the timeless elegance and practicality of a high-quality glass-top humidor will be an ideal complement to the experience.

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