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Why should every blogger on TikTok should master transitions in 2024?

TikTok is a dynamic and active social network where things are constantly changing. The audience here loves it when the content is interesting, colorful and light. And if you supplement the video with transitions, it will become just that.

This effect refers to the moment when two parts of the video are glued together. It can be disguised by putting some effect on it or hiding it behind some movement. This is a very powerful and useful tool for the modern blogger, and why exactly – let’s see below.

What does processing in the form of splicing two videos?

Monotonous videos will quickly bore the audience and will not bring popularity. That’s why you need to add transitions to videos. You can do this in a few clicks using the TikTok editing app. What else is it for:

  • hooks the audience’s attention – people revisit such videos;
  • energizes the audience – people start asking how the effect was made;
  • adds dynamism and watchability to the video;
  • makes you stand out from other bloggers who don’t do this;
  • makes you a cooler blogger in the eyes of your audience.

In general terms, it increases profile activity, which is good for the algorithms, resulting in the video getting recommended and you getting the attention you want.

How to master this kind of processing?

It’s not as difficult as it seems at first glance, especially if you use a quality TikTok video editor. Usually the process follows the same algorithm:

  1. Two videos are shot, which need to be glued together.
  2. The end of the first video and the beginning of the second are trimmed.
  3. In the editor, the two pieces are joined so that the second part smoothly continues the first.

Learning such processing is available even for beginners, who still have little skill in editing TikTok videos. And if you get such an assistant as VJump, you can do it without any worries at all.

What formats are popular in TikTok?

It can be any transitions in movement, such as dancing, waving your hand or head, mimicry. The most important thing is that the moment of gluing is not noticeable at all, and for this you need skills. Therefore, you need to regularly practice making glues on your phone.

To be in the trend, it is worth trying these formats:

  • in a jump or other body movement;
  • while waving your hand in front of the phone camera;
  • while singing or at a certain point in a music track;
  • looped video (where the end flows into the beginning).

Another important thing to be sure to consider is that for the picture to be complete, the music must match what is happening on the screen. Therefore, make sure that the music track coincides in rhythm with the moment of gluing, and even better – use the best TikTok editing app to shoot immediately to a certain music.

These transitions have been gathered over time by our customers’ feedback following recent video trends. The app is a great tool if you like to create short-form video content for such platforms as TikTok, YouTube Shorts, or Instagram Reels and is adapted in the best way for them. Choose from funny and engaging transitions and set your trends with them!

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