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Why Schools Benefit from Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Going into higher education is an overwhelming experience. From needing to know where lecture halls are to activities in and around campus, it can feel like a constant struggle for new students.

As technology evolves more and more, the days of battling with slow school portal software are gone. Students need to access information instantly, and mobile phone technology is the answer.

Phone-based applications are the solution for just about everything. Mobile phones rapidly became the primary communication and knowledge source, from ordering food to communicating regularly with friends and family. To offer more accessibility within higher education institutions, a mobile app seems like a natural step in a modern environment.

All in One Place – Instantly

Choosing to design a mobile application welcomes the opportunity to use tech features and integrations that bring higher education to students. From emails from lecturers to calendars with the latest events and reminders about upcoming deadlines, mobile applications can notify students of everything they need to focus on work more.

Instant access to higher education information closes the gap on last-minute updates and allows students to stay informed no matter where they go.

As schools look to function well in an epidemic such as COVID-19 during the school year, instant access to information is even more critical. Apps have the power to keep everyone up-to-date with preventive measures and how they can follow them. By keeping students informed, they have the knowledge and support they need to succeed.

Interactive Admissions

Technology makes room for the chance to get creative with your content. Apps offer an opportunity to advertise your school and show prospective students why it is great through interactive features.

Featuring virtual tours of the campus, showreels of student activity, and documenting life in the city creates an interactive experience for prospective students. Creating an active application is a marketing tool to attract admissions, giving a school a positive edge and showing that you are technically progressive.

After attracting prospective students to apply, apps also make admission easy to track with notifications for updates to offer students peace of mind.


A big part of higher education is getting students to engage in activities around campus actively. Whether that is taking part in clubs, attending events outside of set classes, or joining a sports team. Taking part in the active community around campus encourages students to be critical, solve problems, find friends and get involved.

Higher education mobile applications facilitate engagement. Whether that’s in student-led forums or campus events, apps can bring all of the crucial elements of the university to a student’s fingertips. It can also close the gap between students and lecturers with email services, tutorial information, and opportunities for meet and greets that bring comfort and professionalism into student life.

Choosing to design mobile applications for students will make higher education more accessible to them. Through facilitating engagement and forging strong, supported relationships, mobile applications have the power to guide students through the learning process from admissions to alumni.

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