Why Repair Your Smartphone Instead of Purchasing a New One?


Mobile phones have now become part and parcel of our lives. People chat, play games, talk, order food, book online tickets, and do a host of other things using their smartphones. Think that you’re not able to make calls or do online shopping as your phone has stopped working due to some damage. Life seems impossible without your phone, right?

These days, security is a big issue when it comes to cell phones. According to an article published in TechCrunch, you can uninstall unused apps to protect your digital privacy on phones.

So, when your phone is damaged due to some reason, here is why you should consider repairing it instead of buying a new one:

Saves your hard-earned money

When your smartphone is damaged, you need not buy a new one. Look for a repair technician instead to save your hard-earned dollars. Today, if you want to buy a new high-end phone like the one you already own, it will cost you an earth. So, if the damage is repairable, get the problem fixed at half or less than half the price of a new phone. Minor repairs will not cost you much.

Buying a new cell phone also means backing up the data of your old device and restoring all information to the new one. Why go for so many hassles when you can repair your old phone and make it work like new? Think about the money you will save on repairing instead of paying a huge amount to purchase a new android or iPhone.

Contributing to the environment

Dumping your old phone for a new one also affects our planet. Did you know that a high volume of CO2 is produced when a new phone is manufactured? The key materials used for phone manufacturing are niobium and coltan,which are depleted daily. So, if you choose to repair your phone, you will help in contributing to a greener environment and a safer planet. When you buy new phones, they may end up in a trash bin without being recycled resulting in e-waste. So, if you want to repair your smartphone, look for Action Link Wireless services to do your part in saving our planet earth.

Reap the maximum benefits

Before discarding your damaged phone and buying a new device. Understand whether you have reaped the maximum benefits out of your old phone. For example, your old phone has an excellent camera worth taking amazing pictures of mountains, waterfalls, pristine beaches, etc. Your new phone may be expensive but might not have the same camera quality. So, why buy a new device to fix some standard damage. And not use the potential of the camera of your old phone? Take some time to think about how much you spent on your old phone and then make a smart decision.

Additionally, if the warranty of your phone still exists, find out whether you qualify for that. If not, get the phone repaired.


Repairing your cell phone is always a better and wiser decision. Than wasting money on a new phone while an old device can still be repaired.


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