Why Rent When You Can Own An Electric Scooter?

Literally, they are everywhere. At every turn, in every corner, there is one e-scooter zipping fast, ahead of you. 

Indeed, the e-scooter’s indispensable presence is proof that it is a viable alternative – a quick and easy way out of the tedious, distressing traffic jams, and the panacea to put an end to stressful convenience.

Hurray! For electric scooters — the new medium to a commuter’s hassle-free travel, in minutes!  

From the moment it landed on the shores of Aotearoa, the electric scooters’ popularity spiraled upwards. The reason is obvious. They have become an accessible and preferred means of commuting for so many people nowadays. 

High quality electric scooters are a faster, cost-efficient, fun, and eco-friendly way to go on short trips or daily commutes.

It’s at the back of many Kiwis,’ minds more than ever. They want and need to ride electric scooters for commuting. So, what are the options? To buy or rent an electric scooter?

Presenting without fanfare the reality of a. owning versus b. renting an e-scooter. Read on to learn as this will guide and help you decide what’s best, and help you avoid putting a hole in your pocket.

1. Owning an Electric Scooter – The Pros

The savings you get when you count the cost. Sure, the initial cost of buying an electric scooter might be a bit weighty, but it is going to be more cost-effective in the long run, especially for daily commutes. Over time, it becomes cheaper per mile because you pay for the long-term usability of your e-scooter.

No limitation, just ride, anywhere and anytime. Whenever you need to go outside, you can simply unfold your e-scooter, turn it on and ride away. Go anywhere, anytime because you don’t have to think about the cost per mile or the time limit to use the e-scooter. The good thing about owning one, you can go home after work on your own e-scooter that you can ride at any given moment.

There’s an e-scooter just right, and fits your needs. One of the best things about owning an electric scooter for adults is that you can choose the model that you need. Mearth offers the S Series, RS Series, GTS Evo series, and the Cyber – all top-performing, top-tier, and high-quality electric scooters. For sure, there is one that will fit your budget and lifestyle. Choose the one according to the range, power, and comfort that you need and prefer.

Your safety as a rider is assured. Finally, owning an electric scooter ensures that you are riding a quality, durable, and well-maintained electric scooter. Since you inspect your electric scooter regularly, you know if it’s in tip-top condition to ride, thus, ensuring your safety.

The Cons:

Charging is your responsibility. Owing something takes accountability and it also means taking responsibility for something you value, is it not? Ensuring that the e-scooter is fully charged even when there’s no need to use it yet. It’s a habit you will appreciate later especially when the time to use your e-scooter comes. It only takes a few hours to recharge an e-scooter completely, so you can have a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Maintaining the e-scooter in top condition is your responsibility. Besides charging your e-scooter, you also need to inspect it regularly. Sure, they’re low maintenance, but when you give your rideable time and effort, before and after rides, basic regular maintenance, you’ll be preventing future damages when you have your e-scooter inspected by a mechanic. The tender-loving-care you will give to your precious electric scooter will be worth it.  

2. Renting an Electric Scooter- The Pros

You save on the cost of riding a taxi or public transport. Renting an electric scooter and unlocking it usually costs $1, and the cost of charging is around 50¢ per minute. However, e-scooter sharing is good only for occasional use or short trips.

No need to charge the battery or maintain it in good condition. You’re relieved of the responsibility and the task of charging the battery or maintaining it since it is not your e-scooter. Let the e-scooter sharing companies be the ones to do that for you –if at all it is regularly done, and if any maintenance work is done at all to ensure a rider rides safely. 

Just right for occasional use. For people who don’t commute regularly, renting an electric scooter may be a realistic option for them. Strolling around the city riding a rented e-scooter when you feel the impulse to do it, if there is one available when you suddenly get the impulse to ride one, can be fun, minus the accountability. Here’s hoping the battery is fully charged when it’s your turn to use it, and it is also well-maintained.

The Cons

Finding a readily available rented e-scooter can be bothersome. Since they’re rented, after the ride is done, the shared e-scooter can be left just anywhere by the last user. The trouble of finding or accessing these rideables can be quite inconvenient in that the rented electric scooter you find nearest you could end up being unusable – for various reasons. Rented e-scooters tend to either underperform, or prove uncomfortable and the battery is almost drained when it’s your turn to ride it.  

Concerns about your safety as the rider. It is to be expected that when you opt to rent an electric scooter, you’re sharing it with the other riders too. Just think, there’s no way of knowing for sure how the last person that used them actually rode them. If something was damaged on the e-scooter, you’ll be clueless. The downside here is seriously unsafe. Would you persist in wanting to ride a damaged or poorly maintained e-scooter even when it increases your risk of getting into accidents and injuries?

Low performance and comfort. The best electric scooter for adults offers fast speeds, long ranges, and comfortable rides BUT that cannot even be guaranteed because rental e-scooters are mass-produced and usually have a low motor and speed. Rental e-scooter can be quite uncomfortable to use for some riders, due to the size and/or ride quality.

There, you’ve read and digested all the information. After considering all the pros and cons of whether to buy or rent an electric scooter, it all simmers down to one important thing: Your safety and peace of mind. 

Indeed, owning an electric scooter offers more advantages than renting one. 

When you decide to buy your own personal electric scooter, you have the freedom to choose the model and type of e-scooter you want — according to your purpose, the range, power, and ride quality that you will be comfortable with.

At the outset, both owned and rented electric scooters may be cost-effective, but knowing more now, they differ greatly in terms of convenience and performance. 

Serious e-scooter riders who don’t want to compromise on quality rides, comfort, and consistency in every ride do know that they will be benefiting more if they buy a high-quality, top-performing, reliable electric scooter just like Mearth. 

Best of all, e-scooter riders who need a regular first and last-mile solution to their commute will undoubtedly want to save – and they will be able to truly save, in the long run. 

Overall, opting to buy an electric scooter would be a wise, informed choice. 

To get the best deal on top-notch, superior quality electric scooters, check out Mearth’s line of commuter, long-range and off-road electric scooters:

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