Why PrimeXBT Is The Best Trading Platform to Become Rich in 2019

During the widely publicized cryptocurrency bull market and meteoric Bitcoin rise of 2017, traders of the new and emerging financial asset class became wealthy beyond their wildest dreams almost overnight. As news spread of the untold riches being generated on the regular through trading Bitcoin or altcoins, hype turned into mania and the cryptocurrency market began to morph into a full-blown financial bubble.

While the technology underpinning cryptocurrencies and the crypto assets themselves offer much in the way of world-changing potential, the budding financial technology still has a long way to go toward mass adoption. As traders rushed to crypto exchanges at the height of the hype bubble, the Bitcoin network congested, and the price of the cryptocurrency began to crash, causing the greater crypto bubble to pop and a bear market to follow.

But now, as the crypto bear market bottom has been set, and bullish sentiment has once again returned to the space, the opportunity for traders to become rich beyond their imagination is once again upon us. Those that are well-prepared, well-researched, and armed with the most powerful arsenal of trading tools will find themselves the most successful and profitable of the pack.

Much of that profitability comes from choosing the right trading platform, ensuring that the selected platform has the most robust features designed to bring profits to traders of any experience level. Features such as short-selling assets ensures traders are able to profit even when prices are falling, while trading with leverage allows for increased profitability with far less capital on the line. These tools along with advanced order types, exposure to a variety of assets, and more, are at the crux of what makes a trading platform ideal for traders.

With so few trading platforms offering all of the features traders desire in one place, PrimeXBT stands out as the platform that could help more traders become rich in 2019, as the bull market heats up once again.


With crypto bulls back in control of the trend, the market has become highly volatile once again – the perfect time to maximize profit by trading. It’s also by far the best Bitcoin-based trading platform for becoming rich in 2019 across any financial market, and this article will in great detail explain why there is no other platform that even comes close to the same value proposition that PrimeXBT provides for crypto traders around the globe.

Short-Selling, Going Long, and Advanced Order Types

As crypto traders learned early on in 2018 during the cryptocurrency bear market, short-selling is necessary for profiting during downtrends. For crypto traders relying on exchanges that only offer spot buying and selling of Bitcoin and other crypto assets, the only solution is to lose value or stay in cash until the downtrend ends.

By providing the tools necessary for traders to take a position and profit regardless of the direction the price and market moves, no opportunities are ever left on the table.

Few platforms in the crypto market offer the ability to go long, or go short, using up to 100x leverage. Even fewer offer traders the ability to set exit targets through take profit orders, and stop loss orders – two advanced order types offered by PrimeXBT.

Not only do these tools arm the most serious traders with more options for profit than what’s found elsewhere, these extra advanced order types also protect capital from loss, further mitigating the risk associated with trading.

By protecting one’s capital, losses never accrue, instead letting gains pile up and returns compound, creating the perfect recipe for becoming rich.

Leverage Is the Key to Unlocking Substantial Gains Potential

Margin trading has become one of the most popular trends in the crypto industry, and for good reason. Margin trading, or trading with leverage allows the trader to take positions much larger than what their capital would initially allow.

PrimeXBT offers the industry’s best leverage, with up to 100x leverage across all major crypto assets. Forex, given the low volatility associated with foreign currencies, can be traded on up to 1000x leverage.

Trading on leverage allows traders to significantly amplify their earnings, by up to 100 times. This is especially effective during times of tightening trading ranges due to price consolidation, where prices often only fluctuate within a few percentage points until a breakout occurs.

During larger price movements, a position taken on margin could result in the trader earning substantially more than what would otherwise be possible with trading the underlying asset on spot only.

Preparing Traders for Any Market Movement

By providing traders with a vast array of superior charting tools, complete with a variety of helpful trend-change indicators, traders on the PrimeXBT trading platform are better prepared for any powerful market movements, before they occur.

Technical analysis is just one weapon in any trader’s arsenal, but can be among the most important ones in predicting the direction of price movements. Certain repeating patterns can be discovered on price charts that can help traders take a profitable position ahead of the next price swing, before it happens.

Using charting software is also a necessary step for proper risk management, giving traders that do rely on the tools the upper hand against those that do not.

In past weeks, PrimeXBT traders were able to capitalize on Bitcoin’s massive bullish rallies, more so than traders on any other platform. The combination of advanced order types, charting tools, and leverage, helped traders on PrimeXBT take advantage of the ongoing uptrend in crypto markets, and found themselves in significant profit.

With just one major rally as an example, and with Bitcoin’s next bull run just beginning, it’s easy to see why PrimeXBT is the best platform for traders to become rich in 2019.

Unrivaled Portfolio Diversification Opportunity

While the majority of cryptocurrency exchanges focus solely on Bitcoin and its altcoin cousins, PrimeXBT has begun catering to traders who seek more from their trading platform, and look to diversify their portfolio in uncorrelated traditional assets.

Crypto is a highly-volatile emerging market. The environment is perfect for anyone looking to profit significantly in a short amount of time. But for proper risk management, and to gain exposure to other profit opportunities in financial markets outside of the crypto space, crypto traders would need to find another platform to do it on.

PrimeXBT is the only one-stop shop for traders who are looking to gain exposure to emerging assets like crypto, as well as tried-and-true traditional financial assets such as forex, commodities, stock indices, and spot contracts for gold and silver.

Personalize the Platform For Greater Profitability

Comfortable and confident traders are the most profitable traders. Those that find a platform they are familiar with, become most accustomed to the tools provided by their platform of choice. It’s this level of familiarity and comfort with trading tools that can lead to profitable trade setups.

Traders face enough challenges against market makers, whales, institutions, and other high-level market competition, therefore, a simple-to-use, easy-to-understand platform with advanced functionality and the ability to customize can make a world of difference in providing a much-needed edge.

By having all of the most valuable information available at their fingertips, traders are better prepared for wherever the price or trend takes the market.

Referral Program Offers Uncapped Earnings

The crypto market exploded in 2017 so much so, trading platforms were unable to keep up with the growing demand as new traders flocked to the space. Accounts at some exchanges were selling for 1 BTC, simply due to the demand.

Should something similar occur in the bull run that’s just beginning to take shape, traders on the PrimeXBT platform are in the best position to profit from the surge of interest that’s expected during the next bout of crypto mania.

PrimeXBT offers an unrivaled referral program, that provides an opportunity for traders to profit from any other traders they refer to the platform, up to four levels deep. Not only will these traders earn from the fees of their direct referrals, they’ll also earn a portion of the fees of any traders they refer to the platform as well.

Crypto is only in the early stages as a technology and asset class. As the industry grows, so too will its participants. And each new market participant provides an opportunity for PrimeXBT traders to multiply their earnings.

PrimeXBT: The Total Package For Becoming Rich in 2019

Even though the crypto market is still very young, and the opportunity for profit is everywhere a trader turns, the right combination of trading tools, preparation, platform, simplicity and more is vital for any trader seeking to maximize the return they get from their trading platform of choice.

Through advanced order types, short-selling, a large variety of assets, and industry-best leverage of up to 100x, only PrimeXBT has the perfect storm for traders to become rich in 2019

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