Why PAX Sivir is a Must-Have for Your League of Legends Account

In the realm of League of Legends, skins are more than just cosmetic upgrades – they’re a status symbol. Among the most coveted skins is PAX Sivir, a legacy skin that embodies exclusivity and prestige. Released in 2011, PAX Sivir was a gift to the attendees of the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), a time when Riot used to distribute free skin codes at the annual event.

Not every PAX attendee was an avid League of Legends player, which led to many of these unique skin codes either expiring unused or being sold online for hundreds of dollars. Given the rarity and demand, it wasn’t uncommon for PAX Sivir codes to fetch prices upwards of $200. Only the most dedicated fans, valuing it as a collector’s item, were willing to shell out for this super rare skin.

Inspired by the film ‘Tron,’ PAX Sivir sports a futuristic biker look. While there are no new animations or sounds, the skin does feature a slight model change for her red boomerang and red-trail particles for her spells, echoing the theme.

As of now, PAX Sivir is off the market. The skin codes were deactivated in 2014, with no indication of a return to the store. The only way to possess this skin is through a League of Legends account where it’s already been redeemed. PAX Sivir shares this exclusive theme with PAX Jax and PAX Twisted Fate, also previous PAX event gifts.

In 2017, Riot Games introduced a revamped version of the skin, NEO PAX Sivir. Similar to Championship Riven 2016, this new skin is based on the original PAX design but with a fresh color scheme of blue, red, and gold, making it strikingly different from the original’s black, red, and luminous blue. Players who owned the original PAX Sivir received NEO PAX Sivir for free, along with a special loading screen border.

Having PAX Sivir in your arsenal is a testament to your League of Legends journey. It’s a beacon of prestige, an emblem of legacy. Yet, it’s not the only advantage of owning a high-level League of Legends account. Higher-level accounts not only grant you access to such rare skins but also offer better grading, allowing you to stand tall among your peers.

There are numerous reasons why owning a high-level League of Legends account is advantageous. Firstly, it allows you access to exclusive skins, such as PAX Sivir. These rare skins are a mark of prestige and exclusivity in the League of Legends universe, and having them in your arsenal can elevate your gameplay to the next level. Secondly, higher-level accounts offer better grading, which can help you stand tall among your peers. If you’re looking to make a name for yourself in the League of Legends community, a high-level account is the way to go.

Through iGV, a reliable platform, purchasing a high-level League of Legends account is not only safe but also swift. The platform offers a range of accounts, each tailored to enhance your gaming experience, whether it’s about possessing rare skins like PAX Sivir, or jumping right into high-tier gameplay.

PAX Sivir remains a coveted asset, a mark of prestige and exclusivity in the League of Legends universe. Elevate your gameplay and join the exclusive club by securing your high-level League of Legends account from iGV. After all, nothing says ‘legendary’ better than flaunting a legacy skin like PAX Sivir in the Fields of Justice!

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