Why Optymize is the Best Place to Hire Flutter Developers in 2023

Released in December 2018, Flutter- a cross platform SDK framework created by google, soon became insanely popular among big companies and app developers. According to  StackOverflow, Flutter is the third most popular framework to build mobile apps. With the constantly changing market trends, businesses and startups often look for quick, reliable, and flexible mobile app solutions. Business owners hire flutter developers to launch their apps fast so as to gain the maximum advantage in the market. 

The robust framework allows app developers to create a flexible and efficient multi-platform application with a single codebase. If you are looking to hire Flutter developers for your mobile application development. In that case, this guide will provide you with the necessary clarity about the benefits of Flutter technology and how to hire Flutter developers. Let’s begin.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source Software Development Kit(SDK) created by Google for building scalable and efficient multi-platform applications. It has a single codebase that can be utilized in multiple platforms that helps developers build high-performance applications with efficient UIs that functions as smoothly as the native mobile applications. You can use the apps made by flutter in both Android and iOS or any other mobile platform as well. 

Along with Dart language, flutter developers can help startups release their MVPs(minimum viable products) quickly and efficiently. You can hire flutter developers to build high-scale robust and flexible mobile apps with the best features, icons, typography, controls, and scrolling behaviors. With flutter developers. You can build a full-fledged cross-platform mobile app in less time saving lots of costs as well. 

Benefits of Flutter in Cross-Platform App development

Flutter has a myriad of benefits. It is wise to hire Flutter developers over native developers for the following reasons:

  • Multi-platform production can be a bottleneck for startups as it requires multiple teams for cross-platform development and it is both expensive and time-consuming. To avoid that, hire Flutter developers as the framework allows cross-platform development with a single codebase. This saves extra time and it requires a unified team hence cutting expenses as well.
  • With Flutter, you can speed up your app development and schedule your MVP launch early to get early feedback, launch the final product, and increase your profit margin.
  • Flutter promotes feature parity. If you build applications for various platforms, it has an issue- you have to keep them in sync. If one platform doesn’t update the latest version, feature parity gets broken. Flutter, allowing a single codebase to multiple platforms, helps in this issue.
  • Companies hire Flutter developers for the framework’s fast performance. Flutter can compile up to 95% faster than other cross-platform applications. It can smoothly render UI at both 60 and 120 fps. 
  • With all the above benefits and a lot more, Flutter is insanely popular among the masses along with a huge community of developers. It has been deemed the best toolkit and has been used to build over 500,000 applications on the Play Store alone. 

Hourly Rates To Hire Flutter Developers

The rates to hire flutter developers in 2023 vary over many factors. It includes the job you are hiring for, their expertise, and the region you hiring from. A developer hired to test and debug will surely cost less compared to the one hired to build a whole app. A senior developer too will be priced higher than a junior-level developer. The price of developers also ranges with respect to the country they are from. Below are some of the estimates of flutter developers’ hourly rates as per the country they are from-

Hourly Rates To Hire Flutter Developers:

Region Freelance Flutter Developers In-House Flutter Developers
USA $80-$150 $50-70
South America $60-$80 $35-$60
E. Europe $60-$80 $25-$70
Africa $60-$80 $25-$50
Asia $40-$80 $15-$40

Why Choose Optymize To Hire Flutter Developers?

With startups and corporates of all kinds incorporating the benefits of mobile apps into their businesses, there is bound to be a huge demand to hire Flutter developers — who are the best choice because of their effective operations and cost-effective benefits. But finding developers that suit your needs is a tough job. That’s where Optymize comes to the rescue.

Optymize is an emerging global marketplace where you can hire talented and dedicated remote developers and experts for your projects. Optymize connects the top 3% of the best programming minds with fortune 500 companies and worldwide startups to solve market problems. You can rest assured about hiring remote flutter developers or any technical expertise as Optymize does all the heavy lifting. We can assure you that our highly trained and experienced developers will fulfill all your project requirements efficiently within the deadline. 

Apart from development support, their support team will work 24*7 throughout the whole process assisting you whenever the need be. Feel free to consult any issue anytime.

To ensure to provide the best services, Optymize chooses the top 3% of the talent through a rigorous vetting process. Alumni of Google, Goldman Sachs, and Amazon vet and train the individuals. Their team of experts can build an efficient, scalable, and user-friendly application and help provide any form of consultation services to fulfill all your project requirements.

They have a simple three-step hiring process via which you can hire flutter developers or a whole app development team as per your project needs without breaking a sweat. 

Hire Flutter Developers from Optymize Now:

Step1-A quick call to state all the project and developer requirements to Optymize.

Step2– Optymize will then provide you with a list of top flutter developers within 48 hours

Step3– You can review these suitable candidates’ profiles, shortlist them, schedule interviews with them, and onboard the ones you feel most suitable for you with a 2 weeks risk-free trial.


Flutter is the best framework existing to develop an efficient and scalable application that can work effortlessly on multiple platforms. If you are planning to hire Flutter developers, Optymize is just the right choice. The platform has served companies such as Microsoft, Tesla, Goldman Sachs, and a lot more startups and fortune 500 companies. If you need any guidance or want to hire developers, contact Optymize today.

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