Why NFT Projects Can Succeed or Fail Based on Online Communities

What is an NFT Community?

NFT groups frequently provide people a feeling of identification and community online. These online communities seek to unite like-minded people from all around the world behind a single initiative. The community is brought together by a common objective or set of ideals. All NFT projects will depend on the community’s support from the beginning to be successful.

However, where did the concept of NFT communities originate? The cryptosphere gave rise to the NFT industry. This offered many companies, including the fine arts industry, a second chance to capitalize on digitization and establish more secure ownership positions. It is safe to argue that these groups are supporting a thriving maker and collector subculture, which is what fuels the NFT market.

A project will have to work hard to uphold the tenets of transparency, vision, and communication in order to establish the groundwork for a strong community. On the other hand, a project will fall apart rapidly if there is a poor plan, anonymous development teams, or ineffective benefit communication. This is another factor in the 98% failure rate of NFT initiatives. The chance of long-term success may be negatively impacted by a lack of community spirit, although this does not imply that a project cannot initially sell successfully.

The Qualities of an NFT Community

It is critical to take into account two aspects when evaluating the quality of an NFT project’s community: the community’s general tone and its long-term viability. Additionally, it’s essential that the project has interested and active Discord users. If Discord has an unfavorable atmosphere and discussions go slowly, a project won’t be appealing to outsiders.

Additionally, it’s critical to make sure that none of the Discord users are looking for a “fast flip.” If participants are merely looking to make a fast cash, this is a warning sign that the endeavor probably won’t be very valuable in the long run.

A thriving community will increase an NFT’s value. As a result, the designers of some NFT lines may establish advantages like public gatherings in the actual world. An illustration of this is the Top Dog Beach Club. These events provide the community an opportunity to interact in person while also generating a lot of buzz around a project’s NFT collection.

What to Expect from an NFT Community’s Social Media

People are more inclined to persist with a project over the long run if there is active social media engagement. The chat moderators and project founders will also discuss long-term objectives and mark successful completion of plan milestones.

The social media following a project has, especially on Twitter, is a reliable sign of how popular it is. Since NFTs work in a supply and demand-driven market, an NFT project is not very useful if there is no excitement or if there are no clients eager to buy. However, it goes without saying that a project has a better chance of succeeding if it has a large Twitter following and positive comments on each post.

Another encouraging indicator is when the project’s creators discuss their long-term intentions and objectives and are prompt in responding to queries and worries from the public. Additionally, long-term goals offer value and motivate individuals to keep funding a project.

It is concerning that the Discord founders and moderators have a short-term perspective if they are more concerned with the floor pricing than with long-term goals.

NFT Projects that are Interesting and Have Active Communities

Fresus NFT is one project with a quickly expanding Twitter community. The concord of many religions, racial origins, and cultural traditions is symbolized by the scaly-tongued frog god Fresus. He has a plethora of life experience and frequently offers his committed Twitter followers wise general advice as well as NFT and cryptocurrency advice. His tweets alone are reason enough to join this forum; they are frequently highly clever and ironic.

The Fresus NFT community has a lot to offer. Regular activities and competitions are available, and you may collect “stamps” by sharing the good actions you’ve done. Additionally, followers can send in their confessions to get Fresus’ stamps and pardon.

With approximately 36,000 users, Metagood’s OnChainMonkey Discord has a thriving community as well. Launched by Metagood, OnChainMonkey is a collection of old non-fungible tokens.

The initiative will soon see the debut of Karma, an NFT collection that includes artwork created by Metagood’s team and boasts partnerships with some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. These NFTs work together to give their owners access to a variety of advantages, including participation in the OnChainMonkey community. Access to the DAO as well as admission to VIP lectures and live events are further advantages.


An NFT project’s owners are often members of the community. The community, on the other hand, refers to people who engage with the project on social media and those who want to mint before an NFT drops. Once minting has begun, the individuals who are in charge of the NFT project frequently communicate in personal Discord discussions.

Projects related to NFT must be completed in strong communities. Both inexperienced and seasoned workers may guarantee the project’s long-term success by appreciating the significance of a vibrant neighborhood.

Social media influencers may inform you of new NFT projects. It would be foolish to depend just on influencers’ depiction of a project, even how impressive the enthusiasm around it may be, because they have an incentive to promote their own products.

It is best to first join a community’s Discord in order to fully comprehend what a project is about (and to look out for warning signs). It is not required to actively engage; silent observation may teach you a lot. Ask questions and observe the team’s and other members’ reactions to see if you are still interested in the project. It is critical to have faith in the project’s crew since their success ultimately depends on it.

If you need help with any of this, you may want to look into a marketing agency. Simple Crypto PR provides A-Z marketing services for blockchain projects. This includes community growth and management. Upwork is also a great way to connect with low-cost marketers if your budget is tight.

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