Why learning with Lectera’s platform is the right decision 

learning with Lectera'

In a world where everything is developing and changing literally every day, it is imperative we keep up with the pace. It is losing out if you do not acquire new knowledge. In business, it is especially true: if you do not learn the modern trends, boost your productivity, use the latest techniques, the whole company suffers. We often don’t devote much time or energy to developing ourselves when life is so fast. However, Lectera.com can help.

What Lectera is all about? 

Lectera is an international educational platform with a global reach. The platform received 2.7 million dollars in funding for its development and it was launched in 2020. By 2023, management plans to raise more than $7 million more for the development of the platform. Lectera offers more than 150 online courses in 9 categories in five languages – English, Spanish, German, Hindi and Russian. Each course consists of 8-10 video lessons lasting 15-20 minutes.

Founder and CEO of Lectera.com Mila Semeshkina explains the idea behind the platform: “When creating Lectera, we realized that we would need to change our approach to teaching, starting with methodology and ending with the format of learning and proficiency testing. By rethinking many of the approaches, we have created our own vision of learning for the future. Lectera’s courses are based on my own Fast Education teaching method that ensures the educational experience is as practical and results-driven as possible in the shortest amount of time”.

The purpose of Lectera is to create a method of learning that is easy, versatile, practical, and most importantly, that allows you to enjoy the learning process. The entire team of over 150 people from 20 countries is focused on this.

The platform has an intuitive interface. In many ways, it resembles an online store. Register on the site, browse the catalogue of online courses, sort them by topic and complexity, then pick the right one and put it in the cart. Paying for access is the last step. It’s easy, convenient, and straightforward. The platform is also available as a mobile app on iOS and Android devices.

For whom is the Lectera platform suitable? 

In the first place, it is intended for young, modern users who strive to become more efficient and competitive. Lectera covers areas such as:

– sales;

– digital marketing;

– network marketing;

– soft skills;

– financial literacy;

– leadership;

– digital age professions;

– female leadership.

The focus of each area is not only to increase specialisation in an existing field, but to also develop a knowledge base in other fields. For example, businessmen who want to grow their business will benefit not only from the business segment, but also from the sales, leadership, and financial literacy segments. Courses are divided into levels of difficulty, so that newcomers can catch up on their skills before moving on to more advanced programs.

Lectera closely follows the needs of the education market. Platform has its own think tank that monitors trends, demands, and market challenges. Lectera offers a corporate product that can be integrated into any company’s internal portal. There is also Lectera kids and Lectera teens, a program that helps you find a job within a month, and a digital HR module. Lectera’s education doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time every day and doesn’t bind you geographically. You only need a device with internet access and 10-20 minutes of free time. You can divide the workload: if you want, you can do the course all at once, or you can spread it out over a week and keep your mind focused on your work.

All this makes Lectera.com a promising project for those who are interested in investing in themselves. By using the platform, you will improve your own competitiveness and get up-to-date knowledge and skills.

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