Why it’s Important to Upgrade your Business Technology


In today’s modern world, the most important assets in any business are computer hardware and software. These items can be expensive, but failing to invest in them can be disastrous. Let’s take a look at why updating your technology matters.


New computer software can offer a substantial improvement to your business’s online security. This is especially the case when it comes to antivirus software. Malware and other threats are constantly evolving, and new antivirus software releases must be constantly developed to keep on top of them. Among the most important components of these new releases are virus definitions, which basically help the antivirus to identify, isolate, and destroy harmful programs before they can inflict damage on the computer, or spread to another part of the network.

Another essential piece of software is the operating system itself. New operating systems don’t just come with fancy new interfaces: they also pack a whole range of improvements under the hood, many of which are totally hidden from most users.


Superior computer hardware and software can lead to substantial improvements in productivity. For example, a larger monitor, or several monitors, can allow a user to see more information at the same time, and thus work more efficiently and quickly. In creative industries, like visual effects and graphic design, having more computational horsepower to draw upon can reap considerable benefits, as it will mean less time spent waiting for the computer to become responsive, and more time spent actually performing tasks.


In order to keep up with the pace of change in the software world, it’s often necessary to invest in new hardware. Of course, when Microsoft or Apple release a new operating system, they don’t go to the effort of making it compatible with ancient and underpowered hardware used by only a marginal number of customers. Thus, it’s important to occasionally review and upgrade computer hardware, in order to prevent yourself from being suddenly forced to by a new release.


The investment in new computer hardware and software can often be a considerable one. But in many cases, the outlay can be justified by the savings you’ll achieve. If a worker becomes just 0.1% more productive as a result of a new computer keyboard, and you’re paying them a salary of £20k, then it follows that the return on your investment will be £20. While it’s often impossible to gauge things this precisely, we can determine which upgrades will reap the greatest benefits.

If you identify that a particular range of upgrades would yield a substantial improvement, then taking out a series of small business loans makes perfect financial sense.

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