Why is Your eCommerce Store Not Generating the Desired Sales?


Online shopping has become the order of the day! Have you set up an eCommerce business? If yes, then you must be waiting to see ample sales happening. It could be that you made initial sales, and then it started dipping. Also, any attempt that you take isn’t boosting your sales.

This situation is not uncommon. Whether you have an eCommerce business specializing on straw hat or any other product, you can face this. However, if you are, here are a few reasons why it’s happening to you.

  1. You could be targeting the wrong set of people

One of the crucial reasons for your eCommerce store not generating ample sales is that you are approaching the wrong market. It’s essential to know how and who to market a product. It might so happen that people aren’t interested in your product. It might not also be your target market. It’s essential to keep all these factors in mind while marketing. For instance, if you have focused on high-ticket sales in a blog of lead generation, things will not go in your favor. You can design the services and products accordingly when you know your audience well.

  1. You didn’t set up your sales funnel correctly

The other reason that can affect your eCommerce sales also suggests that you didn’t set the sales funnel correctly. And most people landing in your website can’t find the products they are searching for. The way a user journey goes is:

  • The visitors check out an advertisement of the product
  • They visit the website for the concerned product
  • The customer looks for the product and finds out the price
  • The customer likes the product and then orders it

However, if the visitor can’t find the product page, they won’t do anything further. They will mostly likely click the “back” button and shift to another website searching for the product. It will lead to decreased rankings.

  1. The website isn’t correctly optimized

You need to pay focus to the user journey on your website. According to research, the buyers will have to pay more when they witness a flawless user journey. Most online buyers confessed that they won’t suggest a business with a low-quality mobile website.

  1. The shipping time is outrageous

You might not be generating eCommerce sales because your shipping time is high. The majority of customers want to receive their products within a few days’ time. Till such time you are shipping the products from another country, it should get shipped within a week. Ensure that you mention clearly that every derail is in the checkout page and on the product description page. It will allow people to figure out when should they expect the product.

Every eCommerce business owner needs to find out ways to boost the sales. But if you find that you aren’t able to boost sales, it’s important to resolve the issues mentioned above. Once you have resolved all these issues, it will enhance eCommerce sales and help your business to grow.


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