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Why is UI UX design important for your website/app and business in general?

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design are essential for websites because they directly impact how users interact with and perceive your website. UI / UX design is based on the development of a user-friendly interface, with effective functionality, contact capture points, with the prescription and design of triggers that will convert a visitor into a client. Also, the customer map journey is being worked out, all the paths of the client through the site. It is the UI component that is responsible for the beauty and design. The UX component is responsible for the functionality, usability of the interface based on the user’s experience with the web space. UX design includes the design of user interaction with the functionality and elements of the site, information architecture. If you need a professional web design in Calgary – Neon Team it’s a good choice.

UI design is more responsible for the style and appearance of the interface. And answers the following questions:

  • How the interface of the site, mobile application, CRM system, web application (for example, a parking reservation service) will look like.
  • What is the style of the design?
  • What colors will the site have, what colors are better to use in the brand book, on the basis of which the styles and colors of the site are then drawn?
  • Where is it better and stronger to place accents in colors, sizes of images?
  • How best to design capture forms, sliders, product cards.

What is UX design in essence?

UX design is responsible for the functionality, for how the elements of the site will interact, its interface with the user, based on his experience, emotions, needs, desires. UX design answers the questions:

  • How, how will the visitor interact with the elements of the site?
  • How will it be convenient for him to click, go to the next section of the site?
  • How convenient will it be for him to use the callbacks located on the site?
  • Should you create a mini-slider when you hover over product thumbnails or is it better to implement it already in the product card itself?
  • What are the main and additional scenarios for user interaction with the main page, with sections of the site?
  • What emotions, sensations, and the positive experiences should the interaction with the interface evoke?

UI / UX design is responsible for what kind of user experience the client will have after contacting the company. What associations and emotions will remain with the client after interacting with the site, and in the future – with the services and products of the company? The entire design development process in Neon Team includes the following steps:

  • Questioning the client, determining his needs and desires.
  • Researching a niche of activity, analyzing the market, analyzing competitors, studying the top players in the market.
  • Sketching, manual drawing of preliminary layouts and functionality of the future site, interface. Coordination of functionality, elements, blocks, site format.
  • Prototyping, with rendering and layout of page elements. Development of a sitemap, customer map journey, interaction scenarios.
  • Drawing of design, formation of specifications, and notes for programmers for layout and programming of the site.


How to hire a good UX/UI designer


Portfolio. Be sure to research your potential candidate’s previous work. Ask about his portfolio, review sketches, projects, reports, etc. This is necessary to assess his skills, experience, and style. See if the designer’s approach, style, and methodology match your project and business. Research previous work to see his approach to the project.


Tools. This is one of the most important considerations when hiring designers. Find out what tools they used in their workflow to create the previous project. You should make sure that the UX designer you choose is skilled in using the latest design tools. He or she should also have the skills to work with the tools your team and company uses.


Creative thinking. Creativity is the key to innovation and good design. The designer must be an explorer of his own work and be able to think outside the box. To thrive ideologically, designers must always do their best with the product they are working on. This kind of thinking allows one to constantly look for new projects, ideas, and all sorts of solutions for a particular activity.

Interview. Once you’ve identified all of your design and user interface requirements, you’re ready for an interview.

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