Why Is The Metaverse Trending On Cardano In 2022?

In recent times, Cardano has really evolved as a standout ecosystem like blockchain. The Cardano ‘metaverse’ also made its debut with the launch of the prestigious project. 

After the recent successes with, many other projects have sprung up. Many appear to be taking direct inspiration from the undisputed front-runner of the Cardano blockchain. 

The Cardano community is hopeful that will soon become as big as Decentraland. In fact, many crypto enthusiasts have already touted as becoming even bigger than Decentraland due to its unique gaming concepts with $Pavia tokens, NFTs and even 3D Pokemon-like creatures called Pavs As of now, 40,000 virtual land parcels are still available for crypto enthusiasts, from a final total of 100,000. will fully operate on $Pavia, it’s very own native coin. In the case of Decentraland, users have to use Ethereum based $Mana tokens, along with high network transaction fees. But in, users can use $Pavia as much as they require for buying virtual land or owning virtual elements to develop the same much more cost effectively.

As the flagship project of Cardano-based metaverse, it is believed that many more such projects will be launched in a phase-by-phase manner and request interoperability with Pavia.

Pavia’s virtual world is being developed by its vibrant community. Any person who wants to take advantage of’s benefits must only join the project’s buzzing discord server. In 2022 all players can participate in its NFT-based games and earn $Pavia tokens. Tokens can help them grab new virtual assets or even build the community more. The project, however, does warn against speculation. 

The origin of the name ‘Pavia’ is interesting. There’s actually a city called Pavia in Italy. The Cardano project is named after Gerolamo Cardano, who was a famous Italian mathematician in the 16th century during the great renaissance era, Pavia was his birthplace. 

Last year, when was launched, a total of 100,000 land parcels were allocated for its community members. The most interesting thing about each of these land parcels was their unique proof of digital ownership as a Cardano NFT or CNFT.  The major second-hand market for such assets is CNFT.IO. 

As stated was successful in selling 60% of its land parcels in just a few days. The metaverse now plans to sell the remaining 40% of its land parcels in February 2022. From recent social media updates, the project states it is taking steps to make the final land sale fair. The process is yet to be revealed, however, with so many highly excited buyers it may be quite some task. project also plans to hold its next sale process in a streamlined manner. At present, it has a wider team of almost 10,000 team members and NFT landowners combined. However, multiple new members are joining this metaverse project each new day. 

Cardano is fresh, raw, and new. It holds immense potential for tech users and its community members to get benefitted. Its major competitors are Ethereum, Avalance, and others. competes directly with famous virtual projects like The Sandbox and Decentraland. The cryptoverse was not as interesting as it is now. Perhaps we should all buy our share of virtual land to reap its benefits? is also launching a  Pavia Compatible Asset builder tool. It is set to be developed and integrated into the platform soon. The community now prioritizes interoperability across blockchain and virtual assets. Meanwhile, a lot of landowners on have already started building beautiful palaces on its digital platform. Soon, they will even facilitate the leasing of lands for new members as per the community’s prescribed rules and regulations. 

It appears new news is coming out daily on this project so you may wish to go to for more information and recent announcements.

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