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Why is the Dubai Dhow cruise a must-visit?

Dubai is the glittering jewel of the aesthetically pleasing one of the emirates among the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates(UAE). It has become a tourist hotspot. People from all over the world flock to Dubai to enjoy its hospitality. It perfectly showcases the culture where the east meets the west, the traditionality of Arab culture with the facilities of the west. 

Dubai has evolved and has become a place with innumerable recreational and fun activities to keep adults and children engaged. Among the various activities is the Dubai dhow cruise, which can’t be left from your must-visit places when visiting Dubai. 

Dhows are traditional sailing transportation vessels for trade purposes transporting supplies. Now, these dhows are turned into cruises to take visitors around the city while showcasing stunning architectural marvels.

Dhows are a fun way of exploring the city like never before.

Several providers are offering Dhow cruise packages depending on budget and requirements. One must choose the one after due comparison and if that aligns with what you are seeking. One can also choose to get a guided tour on the cruise, know about the history and become better aware of its importance.

Here are the top reasons why you must visit the Dubai dhow cruise.

1) It’s the best for sightseeing.

Dubai dhow cruise offers large deck windows to see the outside view and open spaces to get a glimpse of the city. There are day and night cruises available, and you can choose the best one that suits your requirements. 

At night you can choose a dhow dinner cruise and enjoy global cuisines while watching the illuminated glittering Dubai covered with lights. It offers the perfect romantic getaway to couples looking for a way to spend quality time together. Also, it’s a good place for large family groups to enjoy together food, fun, and entertainment sailing across Dubai.

2) Dhow Cruises has entertainment.

Dhow cruise entertains magic shows, DJ nights, buffets, etc. One can spend the night away dancing and partying to the tunes of the DJ while enjoying the music. Children on board can show magic shows and others. There is at least something unique and worthy for everyone on board.

Also, you can enjoy the onboard dance moves of the belly dancers while relishing mocktails and drinks on the go.

3) Experience Royalness with a spectacular view

The dhow cruise has a beautiful interior made of wood,

which is the epitome of royalty. You feel like a royal on board the dhow cruise experiencing the warm hospitality of the crew and hostesses with entertainment onboard. As the dhow cruise sails across the city, different landscapes and views are aesthetically pleasing and a treat to the eyes. Beautifully decorated and illuminated lights on the architectural wonders in Dubai will leave you awestruck in disbelief.

4)Satiate your taste buds

At dhow cruise, you can enjoy global cuisines and 

satiate your taste buds at the Dhow cruise. They have the best-experienced chefs. And there are food choices available for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Plenty of options are available.

5) Experience of the lifetime

Dhow cruise offers the experience of a lifetime. Food, music, dance, and much more are on board when sailing across the picturesque Dubai. The warm and luxurious hospitality at the dhow cruise manifolds the joy of the dhow cruise, making it the most memorable.

Visiting a dhow cruise is the must-have lifetime experience that lets you experience Dubai like never before and unveils its different sights altogether. The dhow cruise experience is one of its kind, which you can’t afford to miss at any cost while in Dubai.


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