Why is the Drip Referral Program so Powerful?

It is easy to become puzzled while learning about the Drip referral and reward system for the first time. Luckily, I have decided to provide you with this comprehensive article on how this system works and how you can earn thousands of dollars from it. 

Now that you have established a Drip Wallet, you probably see how valuable this project may be to you and your family. You are probably thinking of adding your husband, wife, children, best friend, etc., to the Drip Network as well.  But did you realize that there are perks to introducing people to the Drip network?

The Drip Referral System

When people mention the Drip referral system, one of the initial ideas that spring to mind is that it is a network marketing Ponzi scheme, which is not true. The high-yield DeFi platform on the Drip Network allows users to choose between two options. They include:  

  • Joining alone and earning the 1% daily return fee, or 
  • Growing a downline to adding to their DRIP experience 

The Faucet, the DRIP’s staking contract, is a low-risk, high-reward program that works like a high-yield certificate of deposit (CD). As such, participants can join another user’s drip team by buying DRIP tokens on the platform’s exchange page. As a result, depositing DRIP tokens to the faucet contract provides them a passive daily return of 1% of their drip and a potential payoff of 365 % per year.

Recurring deposits, rollover prizes, and team-based recommendations can all help players multiply their gains. Contrary to most platforms that promise a continuous daily percent return, the Faucet’s contract will never expire and will always be able to give the Drip rewards. 

The contract offers referral payments to team builders to encourage them to build a downline. Note that some bonus rewards are available to both the ‘buddy’ or Team Lead and teams with five or more direct referrals.

DRIP referral benefits function in a round-robin method for your referrals’ deposits and hydrate activities. A direct referral refers to someone who joins the DRIP community through your referral link. On the other hand, an indirect referral refers to someone who joins through any of your referrals.

But, to receive Drip rewards, you will need to have some BR34P tokens in your wallet, the same wallet you used to create your Drip account. If you do not have any BR34P tokens, all incentives owed to you will be sent to your buddy’s wallet.

How does the Drip Reward System Work?

Once your referral initially puts DRIP into the Faucet, you will get 10% of the DRIP deposits made as a sponsor. However, after rewarding each of your upline sponsors, a 10% incentive transfers upwards to the one who sponsored and received a benefit via indirect referral. It then comes back to you on subsequent deposits by your recommendation.

In addition, once your referral hydrates for the very first time, you will get 5% of the DRIP taxes levied as a sponsor. However, if your referral hydrates again, the 5% reward transfers upwards to the person who sponsored you and received a benefit from an indirect referral and then back to you after awarding every one of your upline sponsors.

Furthermore, suppose you get over five direct referrals. In that case, a team will be created and the deposit incentive reduced to 7.5 percent, with the remaining 2.5 percent going to the wallet making the deposit. In this case, the hydration incentive decreases to 3.75 percent, and 1.25 percent of the reward returns to the reservoir vault to guarantee liquidity. Thus, as you can see that it pays to expand and acquire direct referrals, and it also helps to spread deep to attain indirect referrals.

The Source of Drip Rewards

Generally, Drip rewards originate from the 10% tax from all Drip transactions, except purchases on the platform’s exchange page. Everything done on the platform attracts a 10% tax fee, whether deposits, sales, airdrops, transfers, or claims. However, hydrating attracts only a 5% taxation fee. 

All these charges flow into one central pool contributing to everyone’s 1% daily return fee, and since the incentive is to compound rather than sell, DRIPs are increasingly taxed at 5%. The site is designed so that it pays for itself as long as most users stay in the Faucet, which is your best motivation for DRIP to reach new heights.

More drips will be created to guarantee the payments if the tax pool is ever insufficient to pay drip incentives. Given the drip network’s brilliant game theory, the chances of the system needing to mint additional DRIP to pay incentives are exceedingly slim. DRIP is the only daily deflationary ROI platform as drip deposits into Faucet go to a burn address, continually trapping drip in the liquidity pool through the reservoir contract.

Eligibility Requirements for Drip Rewards?

To be eligible for Drip Referrals Rewards, you have to:

  • Possess 2XBR34P in your wallet
  • Have at least one Drip player who has verified you as a friend in your direct downline referral. The direct downline referral refers to players who register on the network using your buddy address and feature one level under you in the team.
  • A positive Net Deposit Value (NDV) is also a requirement. As a general rule of thumb, 

(Deposits + Rolls (hydrations) + Airdrops) — Claims= NDV

How to Join the Drip Network

As you may already know, joining the Drip Network is by invitation only. It would be best if you also had BNB tokens to exchange for DRIP tokens on the crypto’s Swap page. Follow the following steps to join the Drip Network.

  1. Buy BNB tokens from the relevant exchange platform and store them in your wallet
  2. Visit the DRIP Fountain page and exchange your BNB tokens for DRIP tokens
  3. Go to the Faucet page and use my buddy address to join the platform
  4. Deposit a minimum of one DRIP token and also ascertain that you have adequate BNB tokens to pay gas fees

After following these steps, you are now set up on the Drip Network, meaning you can now get ready to acquire the 1% daily return fee. 

Check out recent article for more information on the Drip Community and the latest developments.

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