Why Is It Essential to Wear a Safe Life Defense Vest?

Life Defense Vest

Body armors provide a wide spectrum of services to security personnel. Whoever is involved in providing security, be it law enforcement officers, guards, or government officers they will agree that preparation is just as important as doing the job properly. It is very important that you are prepared for the threats and attacks you are expected to encounter. This also impacts the type of armor you will need to purchase.

No security professional can provide others safety when they cannot guarantee their own safety. Body armors have saved thousands of lives and are what stands between your life and death. But which body armor is right for you? It is very important to answer this question as there is a wide variety of options available in the market, each offering its own features and abilities.

Saves lives

With mass shootings, murders, and theft crimes on the rise, people go for bodyguards. The job of a bodyguard is to protect you up close and stay with you at all times. However, being a bodyguard can be different in different situations. Being the bodyguard of a CEO whose job is to protect him from kidnapping and assassination is more difficult and complex than being a bodyguard of a celebrity whose job is to keep fans in place and away from the celebrity.

However, in both situations, you might have to encounter firearms and bullets. This is why you need to have a bulletproof vest on at all times while on duty. You need to buy your body vest according to the level of threat you are expected to encounter. The National Institute of Justice carries out tests and gives every piece of protective equipment an NIJ rating which is according to the level of protection the vest can provide.

If you have to encounter a mob of people or a dangerous neighborhood, a level II vest will be sufficient. However, if the threats are larger and more dangerous, then you will have to go for level IIIa body armor. Click Here to Read the Full Armor Guide 2021 from “Safe Life Defense”

Stab proof and bulletproof

If you fear a ballistic threat, you should go for a bulletproof vest. But if you fear injury by sharp weapons such as knives, you should opt for stab-resistant body armor. Bulletproof vests are not stab-proof vests. Each vest has its own characteristic features. Also, it is important to remember that bulletproof vests are not 100% bulletproof. However, they determine whether you will have a few bruises or many broken bones.

Easy to wear

Body armors are available in covert styles and can be easily worn underneath your clothes. They blend in and remain discreet. This gives you a range of movement and makes you carefree. Many manufacturers use breathable material, which makes body vests extremely comfortable to wear even for long periods of time without compromising performance.

Protection against explosives

Hard armors are heavier, bulkier, and larger than soft armors. They may restrict movement but are very important for security officers in high-risk situations. They also protect against explosives, high temperatures, and fragmentation. Soft armors can be worn below your clothes which allows security officers to remain discreet while protecting themselves. In order to increase protection, you can add hard plates.

In a nutshell

Body armors are the best innovation as they have saved thousands of lives. It is very important that you select the right type of armor for yourself based on your requirements. The right armor ensures your protection and security and boosts your confidence to allow you to do your job at your level best.

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