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Why is Digital Asset Management Important?

Digital Asset

Does your company or organization leverage digital asset management tools to secure your digital assets? If your answer is no, what is holding you back?

Before we get into the body of the article, I’d like to ask you a few questions.

Do you find it hard to find specific content in your company’s shared drive because the files there are so many and not organized?

Do members of your marketing team often make the mistake of posting outdated or wrong company photos or videos?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, this might be the best time to get a digital asset management software to manage digital assets.

Meanwhile, there are many more reasons why a digital asset management system can be beneficial to your organization.

With that said, this article will let you know the importance of a digital asset management platform and why you should take advantage of it.

Let’s begin

Digital asset management (DAM)

A DAM software system is a valuable tool that allows you to access, organize and distribute digital assets swiftly and efficiently within and outside an organization.

Examples of such digital resources are;

  • PDF files
  • Videos
  • Flyers
  • Presentations
  • Documents
  • Images
  • Company brandings
  • Marketing contents
  • Etc

Why is digital asset management important?

There are many reasons why you need to leverage digital asset management systems. However, we’ll focus on the major ones.

Securing your assets

You can use the best digital asset management system (Daminion) to secure your company’s digital assets so that stakeholders only have access to content meant for them.

Also, you can track any user that accesses a file via the file logging system and the DAM’s reporting tool.

When you run your company’s digital assets without a digital asset management software, you’re exposing your assets to so many hazards like the following.

Illegal or Improper asset usage

A good digital asset management software will help end Illegal or Improper asset usage in your organization.

In most cases, your team members will commit this type of blunder without understanding that it isn’t all files that ought to be in the public domain.

Controlling access rights

With Daminion digital asset management software, you’ll be able to control access rights to digital assets within your organization, so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

In addition, DAM tool allows you to have a content manager who will control everyone’s access to assets by setting permissions and roles.

Furthermore, you can use digital asset management master data platform to control how users retrieve assets from the central database.

Locate information quicker

A good digital asset management software can help your workforce locate assets quickly without having to search too deep for files.

A poorly managed file system will cause your staff to waste precious office hours searching through emails and chats looking for brand marketing materials.

By doing so, your staff is likely to abandon their day-to-day task, resulting in the loss of billable work hours.

There’s more

Who can benefit from digital asset management tools?

Several people and departments need to leverage a good DAM system to be very productive.

Design and advertising professionals

Design and advertising creatives often work with various clients in different industries, which could pose a huge risk to data retrieval.

The tendency to deliver the wrong file is high. Furthermore, creatives may find it difficult to retrieve files since they are servicing many clients simultaneously.

This is part of the problem digital asset management tools have come to solve.

With that said, your creatives can leverage a good DAM system like Daminion to organize client files and folders to eliminate the risks of errors.

Sales and Marketing team collaborations

Usually, any business organization’s marketing and sales team should be working together. Therefore, if they’re collaborating, they should be sharing assets.

However, what usually happens is that the sales team have their library of assets while the marketing team have theirs too.

These days, marketing and sales teams now work remotely across different countries, and when this happens, there could be so many matters arising.

Ideally, your organization should have a central master database that both departments can leverage to be more productive and consistent with brand design.

Furthermore, this is to bridge both departments’ sharing and communication gaps.

Also, when both creative departments collaborate and have easy access to your company’s digital assets, you’ll witness a bump in revenue.

Engineers and Architects

If you’re an engineer or architect regularly working with sizable BIM, CAD, and 3D visualization projects, you need a good DAM software to store your files.

Daminion digital asset management can help you store all the files you’ve produced with 3ds Max, Rhino or AutoCAD.

Media and Publishing firms

It’s common knowledge that media and publishing firms produce huge quantities of content daily for different clients and platforms, including social media.

Hence the need to have a digital asset management system to securely store clients’ files and folders to avoid preventable errors.

Website Agencies

Like the media and publishing department, web agencies handle too many clients and content, and their files are stored everywhere.  

Some clients use Dropbox or Google Drive to store their files in most cases. However, Dropbox or Google drive are good but can’t be compared to a DAM system.

A good digital asset management platform allows you and your team to access the central management master database from wherever you are.

Meanwhile, you have to seek individual access to gain entry to the Dropbox or Google Drive folders.

With that said, having all your digital assets in a central digital asset management software will offer you maximum control, efficiency and speedy asset retrieval.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a reliable DAM system to consolidate all your files in one central space, you need the Daminion digital asset management tool.

A good digital asset management system like Daminion will help you eliminate all forms of mistakes in your organization.

It will ensure you never send the wrong files to clients, use unlicensed or expired assets, and be able to find the right digital resources that you need when you need them.

In addition, it doesn’t matter if you’re a startup or an established international brand; you need a digital asset management software to store all your assets in a central space for maximum productivity.

Book a free demo to see how DAM software solution can help your business perform better.

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