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Why is Android App Development Developer’s Choice For On-demand Apps?

Mobile apps are a part of our daily lives. From waking up the first thing we see is mobile and the last thing we see is also mobile. From social media apps to health applications, from music streaming apps to video streaming apps, from laundry apps to food ordering apps, we use these apps in our day to day. This is why most mobile app development companies are looking to develop feature-rich apps. One of the most important factors to consider is which platform to pick, Android or iOS.   

The choice of platform mainly depends on the target audience. If your goal is covering a wide market, Android app development is the one you should go for. Here are some of the major benefits of choosing Android for on-demand app development.

1) Massive Market Share

It is not a hidden fact that Android covers a huge market share. Before deciding on mobile app development, the first question that pops up is which platform to pick. One of the important factors affecting the choice of platform is deciding the target audience. Everyone knows that there are two massive competitors Android and iOS, and it is quite obvious that Google Play Store has more apps compared to Apple App Store. Not just the numbers but the demographic coverage of Android share is also much higher than Apple’s coverage. Android shares a huge market base in Asia covering countries like India and China, which are the two most populated nations in the world. This doesn’t mean Android is not prevalent in countries like Canada, Australia, and the USA. Hence, if you are considering launching an app that reaches users everywhere, Android is the best choice. 

2) Google Has Easier Policies

Any mobile app developer knows that publishing an app on Google Play Store is easier as compared to publishing an app on the iOS app store. App publishing guidelines of Google are also very lenient compared to that of Apple The chances of app rejection are also very low and reviewing time is very quick. Android developers are free from following any strict terms and conditions. Along with that, startups and entrepreneurs can also save some bucks if they pick Android as it charges only $25 as a registration fee. The fee is also one-time and not yearly. In the case of Apple, the registration fee is $99 that too yearly. 

3) Addition of New Features

Every on-demand app development has some features to integrate which are mandatory. GPS functionality, map integration, and push notifications which are very important to reach the targeted users. This is offered by Android which gives an upper hand to iOS. Users need a feature and GPS to track the location of the product. 

4) Google Assistant 

Android app development offers the benefit of voice assistance as Google assistant. Users can get access to various data points making google assistant efficient and better in comparison to Apple’s Siri. Users can just give the command and data automatically gets encrypted. It becomes easier for the users to search for different things. Get access to every particular item very easily. 

5) Multi-Lingual Support

On-demand mobile app development must have multi-lingual support. This allows users to use the app in different languages and also in different regions. You can also use the app if you are traveling in different countries. Android has a huge benefit and offers support for 100 languages. Whereas iOS offers support for just 34 languages. 

6) Data Storage

If you plan to develop an on-demand Android app to launch it on Google Play Store, users can get the facility of cross-platform along with an extended storage capacity of 15GB. You can store all the data in Google drive. Along with that, Google also has cloud storage along with the Google drive making it easier to access the data. Developers will definitely need a huge storage house as on-demand apps have large customer data along with the revenue generated from all the sales. 

7) Highly Customizable

One of the important factors in developing on-demand applications is the ease of customization. On-demand apps are developed to fulfill the requirements of end-users and need to be customized according to their demand. The functionalities of mobile apps keep on changing with the passing time and developers need to update the app with the passing time. Android offers amazing customization to suffice the need of ever-changing market demands. Since app modification becomes easy, the percentage of app retention will also increase accordingly. 

8) Android Devices Offers Extended Memory

Another reason to choose Android for on-demand app development is that Android devices have a slot for extended memory. Hence, users don’t have to worry about an app of a large size. Users can add a micro SD card to the device and use the memory inserted externally to store the mobile app and its data. 

Wrapping Up

There are no second thoughts on the matter that demand for on-demand apps has increased massively with time. Choosing Android will make clients’ businesses more profitable and increase the chances of maximum return on their investment. Hire a reliable android app development company and get your development started.

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