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Why is accessibility important in the hotel industry?

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More people planning vacations are turning to area guides to learn more about local destinations, hotels, and things to do. Often, the first place vacation planners look is at a hotel’s website to see the amenities and location. Another item travelers look for are hotels that are accessible and capable of making their stay comfortable and convenient.

In the hotel industry, it is vital to stay on top of the latest accessibility tools to help provide travelers with disabilities an enjoyable stay. Continue reading to learn more about why ensuring a hotel is accessible is vital for hotel owners and managers:

Accessible Bedroom Designs

Some rooms should be equipped with accessible accessories, such as grab rails in the bathroom, vibrating beds to alert people with hearing impairments of alarms, and roll-in showers. Accessible rooms should also have lower bathroom counters, a softer mattress lower to the ground, and access to necessary services. When checking in, ensure guests needing an accessible room receive the equipment required and how to use them. Without accessible rooms, there is a risk of losing customers and violating ADA hotel requirements.

Map of Accessible Rooms

A map of accessible rooms helps show vacation planners and travelers where their rooms will be located, especially if they need rooms with exceptional accessibility. The ground floor is typically the best floor for these rooms; however, some guests want a view, which is why it is best to place a select number of accessible rooms on higher floors in the hotel.

Meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Regulations

Ensuring your hotel meets all ADA regulations can help avoid any accessibility litigation. Conversely, being non-compliant could lead to a significant ADA lawsuit, which can cause problems for your hotel’s business and operations.

Employee Accessibility Training

Ensuring your employees are thoroughly trained and have an understanding of what is included in the accessible rooms can help promote the hotel as being fully accessible for travelers with various needs. In addition, when your employees can quickly answer accessible-related questions, guests are more likely to stay at the hotel and return for future visits.

Increase Travel Opportunities

Many people who require special accommodations often avoid traveling unless it is necessary. Offering accessible rooms and training for your employees helps encourage those who are reluctant to travel that you have what they need for a comfortable and exciting experience. In addition, when others learn about what you can offer, more people will be interested in staying at your hotel, knowing you can provide them with everything they need.

Dedicated and Loyal Guests

When offering the highest quality accessibility items in your hotel, you gain the trust and loyalty of guests needing your services. Since it is challenging to find the accessibility items required, those who need what you offer will be radically loyal and return to your hotel whenever they stay overnight in your area.

Attract More Business Travelers

As more businesses provide remote work and accessible office accommodations, having an accessible hotel can boost the number of business travelers, conventions, and corporate meetings. By providing businesses with ADA-compliant rooms and conference services, you increase the number of companies who may call your hotel to schedule business meetings, getaways, and conventions.

Benefiting the Community

When community residents have friends or family needing accommodations for disabled travelers, knowing your hotel has everything needed, they will call your hotel first when needing accessible accommodations. Having accessible rooms is a bonus, especially if the friends and family travelers are visiting do not have fully accessible homes. It gives travelers a place to relax with everything they need.

Leading by Example

Offering accessible rooms with the latest technology and tools can put your hotel ahead of any others in the area. Become a leader in accessible hotel accommodations and be the hotel others turn to when needing advice and tips on becoming more accessible for disabled travelers.

Be Ahead of the Game for Aging Travelers

Offering accessible accommodations not only helps disabled travelers but also prepares your hotel for the growing population of aging travelers needing extra comfort when visiting your community. Several aging travelers request ADA-compliant rooms because they are more comfortable and provide additional amenities they may need as they age.

Ensuring your hotel is ADA-compliant with accessible rooms helps you stay competitive and provides a go-to place for disabled and aging travelers. Take the time to make your hotel more accessible and be a leader in the industry, showing other hotels how vital it is to provide accessible accommodations to those in need.


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