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Why Information Rights Management Is Vital for Your Business

On the one hand, there’s too much information at everyone’s fingertips. And on the other hand, it’s too difficult to keep your information private. For businessesbusiness who receive, process, or produce a lot of virtual data, keeping that data private is a genuine concern. It doesn’t even matter what industry you’re in, because patients, customers, and clients all demand privacy. Even B2B companies have to worry about keeping data confidential despite the multitude of risks.

Cyber Attacks Are on the Rise

You may not notice cyber-attacks on the news as much as they have been in the past, but it’s not because there are fewer of them. Cyberattacks are just a matter of course now. Businesses in every sector have been affected, including the government and the military. And there isn’t a type of business that’s immune from these attacks, big or small.

Sophisticated hackers are likely to target big organizations for various reasons. They may demand a big payoff as a bribe, benefit financially in other ways from the information they receive, or just revel in being able to damage a goliath of a business. However, smaller hacking groups are more likely to go after a small business, because they are often more lax about security. The bottom line: If you’re doing business on the internet, you have to worry about cyber security.

Regulations about Security Are Tightening

Many companies that have been the target of cyberattacks haven’t taken security as seriously as they should have. Some knew about security breaches without sharing the information with the public. Others didn’t put security measures in place to prevent the cyberattack. 

As a result, more regulations about cyber security are popping up everywhere. Depending on what sector you’re in, you may need to comply with ISO 27001, which is the leading international standard of information security. Even if you aren’t legally required to protect your data better, you owe it to your customers.

Employees Pose the Greatest Risk

It doesn’t seem fair to make employees the scapegoat, but people always pose the greatest risk to security measures everywhere. Even in a nuclear power plant, where framework and procedures are in place to protect employees, the greatest risk is usually that people won’t follow the rules. In a post-2020 world, where a huge percentage of the workforce works remotely, at least sometimes, this risk is even greater.

Your employees probably use multiple devices to access the data at work. They might even switch locations and log in from the coffee shop instead of at home. The only way to work around this new reality is to provide a virtual data room where you can control the information rights management.

Even though there are greater risks to your data than ever before, your business can still keep its information secure. With a CapLinked virtual data room, information rights management becomes very simple, allowing you to prevent cyberattacks, meet security regulations, and accommodate a remote workforce. 

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