Why Home Insulation is the Best Choice for Moisture Control

Moisture absorption has one of the most prominent negative effects on the r-value of any metal building. Most homeowners today have to deal with moisture in different parts of their homes which in the long run can lead to other problems around the home. It’s important to look out for the moisture performance when deciding on the insulation product to go with. If you are currently experiencing moisture problems, then there’s a viable solution for you. However, before looking into that, it’s important to understand the typical causes of moisture in homes today. 

Causes of moisture in buildings

Irrespective of the period of the year, buildings will always have a humid feel to them. Here are some common causes of moisture:

Breathing and high-heat activities

It may not be so obvious, but with every breath you take within any space, you’re creating humidity. The oxygen that goes into the lungs and out into the bloodstream will be released as carbon dioxide. This means that breathing out contains water-saturated air. So, as long as you’re breathing, you’re causing a level of humidity in the building.

Activities like cooking, bathing in hot water, running the hand-washing machine amongst others can also contribute to the level of humidity in the air.

Pipe leaks

Having leaked pipes within your home will increase the level of moisture within the building. If these pipes are cold pipes, then the chances of condensation are also increased.

Pointing out the common causes of moisture in the typical home shows that moisture within the home is easy to come by. However, to curtail all the negative effects that this may have on your building and to those that live in it, it’s essential to find an effective way of controlling moisture.

Plants and other living entities

If your home has a lot of surrounding plants or has some houseplants on the inside also, then, there’s a very high chance you deal with condensation problems. The reason for this is simple. Plants always undergo evapotranspiration, and during that process, the water that is entrapped in the soil will get all the way to the leaves. From the leaves, they’ll get into the air which in turn makes the air more humid than it already is.

So, in a situation where you own a number of houseplants, you can be sure that the level of humidity in your home will be beyond the regular. However, you can replace them with fake plants, or move them out of the home entirely. If you’re not able to do any of these, then you may have to find a lasting solution. At this point, it’s important to point out that certain products such as Blue Tex Insulation products are helpful in moist conditions and in any type of metal building. 

How Home Insulation Helps in Controlling Moisture

Insulation is truly a proper solution that helps to prevent moisture and humidity within the home. If you’re considering using home insulation, here are some reasons why you should go ahead with it:

Gives an airtight feel

First, a number of homes are lacking the appropriate airtight feel. Insulation will give that airtight barrier that any home may be missing. When outdoor air currents run through the home, it can easily create moist conditions. However, with proper insulation, the humidity and general temperature within the home will be evenly distributed and regulated.

Diffuses vapor from the source

Home Insulation also includes a unique vapor diffusion material that can stop water vapor from getting into the building. It also goes as far stopping moist air from entering from places like pipes and the basement before they can get into the other rooms in the building.

Effectively regulates temperature

Another reason why insulation products are a good idea is because of how well they control temperatures within the home. If you live in areas that are relatively cool, high-heat activities like dish-washing and cooking can bring in an extra dose of humidity that can increase the heat within the home. However, with appropriate insulation, the temperature will be regulated through the home and activities like that wouldn’t make much difference.

If your metal building has a major moisture problem, particular due to the reasons stated above or because you live in an area of high moisture conditions, then you can turn to  BlueTex insulation. The unique insulation product that we offer prevents the formation of condensation by moving the interior surface of the building to the inside surface of the insulation material. Also, the radiant barrier of BlueTex also provides a much cooler temperature, one that you can have at any season and time of the year.

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