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Why Having Women in Positions of Authority in Your Business is Essential

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Women have historically and still do face discrimination in the workplace. Whether it’s the gender pay gap or being overlooked for promotions, women continue to have to fight to prove their worth, and we have a long way to go before achieving true equality.

If you want your business to be a modern and forward-thinking organization, having women in positions of authority is absolutely critical. Whether it’s in the music industry or women in technology roles in STEM fields, we must work to ensure senior positions are more representative, and your business will benefit as a result. Read on to find out more.

Diversity is Increasingly Important

In years gone by, the idea of diversity wouldn’t even have been considered by major brands and companies. The business world was highly exclusive and discriminatory back then; people who weren’t straight white males had little chance of climbing the ladder.

Things couldn’t be more different today. Studies of the modern consumer show that diversity is at the forefront of their minds. Around 88% of consumers believe brands aren’t representative enough, 59% report that they prefer companies that promote diversity and inclusion, while 70% claim that diverse advertising has a greater effect on them.

By ensuring that your business has women in positions of authority and senior management roles, you will be able to appeal to modern consumers more effectively, particularly younger demographics like Gen Z, which is key to future success.

Gender-Balanced Companies Perform Better

As well as being able to appeal more effectively to today’s consumers, having women in senior positions can offer your business a number of direct and tangible benefits. Over 65% of surveyed companies confirmed that having a gender-balanced workforce gave them greater results, with companies expected to see a 63% increase in productivity, a 60% improvement in staff retention rates, and a 58% increase in business reputation.

If you diversify your workforce and have more women in senior positions, you can expect to see direct benefits and for your business performance to significantly improve.

You’ll Hear a Different Point of View

Half of the world’s population are women, but this split is nowhere close to being represented in the boardrooms of major businesses and companies. This means that businesses are missing out on the thoughts and opinions of a huge demographic.

By having women hold senior roles in your business, you’ll be able to benefit from their unique experiences and opinions. This can offer you key insights that would otherwise be inaccessible, your business can use this information to inform decisions as you move forward, making your brand more appealing to women and sensitive to their needs and preferences.

You’ll Attract the Top Talent

It’s not just today’s consumers who value diversity, the modern worker does as well. If you want to attract the very best talent to your business and to retain your most valuable employees, promoting diversity and inclusion is absolutely critical.

A business is nothing without its employees. If you want to succeed, scale, and grow as a company, you need the backing and support of the best and brightest talent in your industry.

Having women in senior positions will demonstrate to candidates that your business is fair and progressive, making it a far more attractive place to work and ensuring you have an edge over your competitors.


By having women in senior positions, your company can enjoy a number of benefits. You’ll be more appealing to modern consumers, particularly Gen Z, your business will perform better, you’ll be able to hear a different point of view, and you’ll be able to attract and retain the top talent.  


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