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Why go for the Makita Drill UK

There is a wide selection of Makita drills UK that are renowned for their competitive performance and exceptional toughness. With over 60 variants available, ranging from lightweight drill/drivers to powerful demolition hammers, the collection is also quite comprehensive.

It’s fantastic that there are so many Makita drills available, but even if every model is a good choice, it can be difficult to choose which offers the best balance of power and functionality. 

The Types of Makita Drill available in UK:

Given the wide variety of Makita drills UK that are offered, it is worthwhile to take a time to quickly review the different drill types and the categories that they fall under. This will facilitate searching for the greatest power drill for various issues at home and at the office.

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Drill Drivers:

The largest category unquestionably includes drill drivers, which are also the most widely used instrument among DIYers and professionals due to their versatility. Makita offers a variety of drill drivers, from a compact, lightweight 7.2-volt model that folds in the middle to strong 18-volt drill drivers with adequate power for even the most ardent professional.

All Makita drill drivers in the UK, regardless of size, include forward and reverse drives, and the majority have clutches that provide exact control of fastening power to avoid over tightening or surface damage. We shall examine the advantages of some that let you choose between speeds in a moment.

Hammer Drills:

This kind of drill features a hammer action that makes drilling through concrete, cinder blocks, and other tough materials simpler. Size and impact energy, however, vary widely.

A “sub-compact” Makita hammer drill is the smallest model available. It is only 612 inches long and slightly larger than 3 pounds. Although the normal model is bigger and heavier, it has more torque. Turning force, or torque, is quantified in inch pounds (usually written as in-lbs). SDS refers to models for heavy use (slotted drive system). The phrase really refers to the chuck, which differs from the three-jaw kind used on drill drivers and standard hammer drills by being a push-fit mechanism.

Features of the Makita Drills:

  • One feature of some Makita drills UK is load-balancing technology, which can detect when the drill is having trouble and adjust power accordingly.
  • Many Makita drills are equipped with an LED light, which is helpful while working in shadowy areas.
  • For added grip, Makita hammer/SDS drills typically include an extra handle. They might also be fitted with a depth gauge.
  • On Makita drills, a belt loop is a popular addition.


It’s time for some real-world examples now that you’ve had a chance to learn about the crucial characteristics to watch out for while looking for the greatest power drill. Your choice of the best drill depends on the type of project you have at hand. Makita offers a wide range to select from. 


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