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Why Getting a Resident Permit in Italy Is an Amazing Step?

Delicious food, pleasant weather, vibrant culture, and safe lifestyle are the key points that often attract immigrants who become keen to obtain residence permit in the country. It is one of the best places to live, work and settle down. However, to enjoy an amazing life in the country, you need to know all about residence permit and most importantly, how you need to apply for it.

What Is a Resident Permit?

Let’s start with the answer to a very basic question. It is a form of legal document that you require if you intent to stay in the country for 90 days or more. There are mainly two types of resident permits that one can opt for. Naturally, each has their own set of benefits.

Temporary Permit

As the name suggests, it is a document that allows you some of the benefits that an Italian citizen enjoys. However, you can get only some of the advantages. So, take a look at the benefits:

  • Travel to other EU countries
  • Work in Italy
  • Clear path in future while opting for permanent resident permit

Permanent Permit

A foreigner, once granted permanent resident permit, enjoys the same right as any other Italian citizen. For someone to apply for this document, they need to stay in the country for five years, uninterrupted. Wondering what benefits you can enjoy after becoming a permanent resident? Take a look:

  • You will be able to avail complete set of health care services that the government provides
  • You will also be entitled to take part in pension schemes
  • You can easily relocate to any EU member state

Italy residence permit is also easy to get as there are regions in the country where the population is less. Hence, to boost that up, there are schemes under which people get paid to move to Italy.

Why Should You Become a Resident?

There are numerous benefits when you become a resident in Italy. The main advantage is that you get tax benefits. In fact, you get reduced payment on your primary home purchase. You get a rebate of up to 2%. Other than that, you will also get reduced payment on other municipal taxes.

Wondering when you get paid to move to Italy and obtain your resident permit on a permanent basis then what are the other benefits you get? A huge benefit of becoming a resident is the Italian health services (NHS). After registering in this service, you will receive a document called Tessera Sanitaria which is your health insurance card. Besides paid health-related paid services, it also helps you in getting a lot of free services.

What Are the Documents Required for the Application?

There are certain documents that non-EU citizens need to file in order to get a permanent residence permit in Italy:

  • The proof of uninterrupted living in the country for five years
  • Legal address in Italy
  • Criminal record and the application form which is issued by government in Italy
  • Registration certificate that is issued by local police when a foreigner enters Italy
  • Proof of income

What Are the Ways of Application to Obtain the Permit?

Before you move to Italy, you need to have clarity on the ways through which you can obtain permanent residency in the country. These conditions need to be satisfied by both EU and non-EU citizens.

  • One can apply for residency based on their work permit
  • The application can be made on self-employment visa
  • There is a provision under which entrepreneurs can not only start their own business but apply for residency
  • Also, application for residency can be made based on an investment in a particular domain that is of course acknowledged by Italian government

After someone gets a temporary residence permit, they need to reapply and renew it after a certain period of time. The rules are different when it comes to Italian permanent residence permit. Being a resident of this country has numerous benefits.

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