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Why Facebook is determined to buy MetaBourne?

After some major acquisitions to say exactly 21 in the last three years, the biggest is for sure Instagram, Facebook has been slowing down by buying various companies.However, this year that changed, how Facebook, or let they called Meta now wants to have a monopoly in the Meta industry they have started to buy Meta-oriented companies.

On their radar for a long time is a company called Metabourne. Metabourne is a unique crypto-gaming company oriented to the virtual universe and making a virtual world accessible to everyone.

Their patented technology is going to make a revolution in gaming and the metaverse industry.They have already rejected two of the offers Facebook send to them but Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Metabourne is a big step forward in their plans and they will acquire them very soon.

Metabourne is going to have ICO public presale soon and that is the main reason they are not selling. After the presale ends they are launching on Binance and various crypto data analyses are predicting that the launch price on Binance will be at least ten times higher than the price defined on ICO Presale.

They have already gathered a lot of capital on their private presale where big tech companies like Nvidia, Steam, and Intel have to buy their part of Metabourne, also some big capital investment companies have been interested in Metabourne, some of them are Venture Capital, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, Barry Silber and many more.The capital raised $250M.

So what exactly is Metaborune?

Metabourne is a company that has been developing their native blockchain technology, on that native blockchain they are developing their Metabourne game.

The prefix “meta” comes from Greek and means beyond, after or across. So, the portmanteau of “meta” and “universe”, that is, metaverse, would connote a place that is beyond the world or the universe as we know it, one that exists in the virtual realm but feels just as real. The concept is nothing new, though. If you have seen a film like Matrix, or Real Player One, you will easily know what it entails: a virtual reality space that people can enter and access through the use of a gadget or a device.

Metabourne game will be the most realistic VR game ever made, it will be a game of space exploration, players will discover hidden galaxies, and make money developing their civilization.And not just that, everything you can do in real life will be developed in Metabourne. So it will also change the way how people work remotely from home.

You will be able to create your virtual office and you can start working every day from the comfort of your home.

Their native blockchain will enable other metaverses to join very easily in Metabourne metaverse and their platform will be unique to access different versions of Metaverses. Probably Mark Zuckerberg main reason why she wants to buy Metabourne.

Will Facebook or now called Meta be able to acquire Metabourne or will Metabourne with ICO presale and launching on Binance became a too big bite remains to be seen.

More information on this interesting project can find on their website

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